My week in review – week #20 2023

This week has been a little better than last week, though it’s still been a bit of a rollercoaster week just as last week was. I’m exhausted but keeping busy is the best thing I can do just now, or I may be overwhelmed.

Thankfully I have plenty to keep me busy, between work, home and things for the band (Bellshill Salvation Army Band). So I’ve been focusing on those things again this week, which hasn’t been difficult as it’s been another busy week, but a productive one, particularly yesterday, as amazingly I had only one meeting in my diary, so was able to make good progress with some standards documentation as well as reviewing/revising some configuration/setup of our Azure DevOps agile projects.

It was another busy and productive working week – I wish again I could be as positive about my non-working week!

I shall conclude my review of this week by saying I hope I have a better week next week in every aspect of my life. I hope you too have a great week.

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