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Under the influence

Posted: February 5, 2016 in life, music, quotes, religion
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No, this blog post is not about being under the influence of alcohol or drugs, instead it’s about God!

under the influence of the spirit

Are you guilty of living under God’s influence? If not, why not?

Are you looking for simple ways to encourage your heart and nourish your soul?

In the last while I’ve given you some ideas which will hopefully inspire you to implement them in your own life, and over the coming weeks I’ll share some others with you.

So here’s today’s suggestion:

Do something to help the homeless

Have you noticed how it lifts your spirits and ultimately your day, when you say or do something to help someone else? So today, brighten your day by helping someone less fortunate than yourself, a homeless person.

Do you often see the same homeless person in the street?

How many times have you walked or driven right past a homeless person?

homeless (2)

So when you next see a homeless person, stop and do something to help them – whether it’s money or a hot meal you offer them, I’m sure the homeless person will appreciate you taking the time to help them. A word of warning however, if you give them money, be aware that while they may appreciate this more, it is possibly because they will spend that money on drugs or alcohol.

If you can do anything there and then for the homeless person, have a rummage around in your house when you get home, and find items which you can give the homeless person which may be of use to them. e.g, blankets, clothes,  shoes. Remember that many homeless folk have pets so if you can, take them some pet food as well for their animal companion.

Go on, make someone’s day, and brighten your day, by helping someone who is homeless!

I came home from hospital visiting on Saturday afternoon to find my hubby watching Come Dine With Me on the tv. Nothing particularly noteworthy in that I hear you say. However hubby’s next statement, got my attention…he told me that the one guy in the programme was a Salvation Army person but that he was drinking wine and swearing!

My first thought when I was told this was maybe the guy attended the Army but was not a Salvationist (A salvationist is a member of the Salvation Army), so I said this to hubby, hoping he’d then tell me that was in fact the case. However, the answer I was given suggested I was far from right – apparently during the first of the four Come Dine With Me programmes, the guy had been pictured in Plymouth Salvation Army hall wearing a white shirt and a tie with the S.A. crest on it!

My horror and anger grew at this point, as I felt I could no longer defend this person, nor did I want to! Being married to someone who is not a Christian I have had all the discussions with my hubby regarding why, as a member of the Salvation Army, a Salvationist, I don’t drink alcohol, smoke or take illegal drugs, and nor do I condone anyone who does.

Since Saturday I have found myself thinking about this guy a lot – He appeared to be a salvationist but went against the vows and promises he had publicly made to God at some point. I am not naive, and I know that yes there are some Salvationists out there who regularly break their promises to God, by drinking alcohol, smoking, swearing or taking drugs, but I do know that for me and many other salvationists, we are appalled that they do so while still considering themselves to be true Christians serving in the Salvation Army as Salvationists. I think what got me most about all this was that this guys didn’t seem bothered about how publicly he was breaking his vows – To actually on national television and blatantly break his vows, in my opinion is one of the worst things he could do to portray an image contrary to what the Salvation Army stands for and believe in.

What an impression to give the nation of a Salvationist! And no that wasn’t a complement!

I am appalled that people willingly make vows and them break them but do not feel any remorse or regret for doing so. What do you think?

I must say one thing for the guy in the Come Dine With Me programme – The programme was recorded in 2008, so I do hope and pray that he has changed his ways, and now, if still a salvationist, is keeping all the vows/promises he made to God when he became a Salvationist.

For those of us who do take our vows to God seriously, we must act together to stop others from breaking their vows. After all they are promises we have made to God,we’ve not just said to God we’ll keep some of those promises when we feel like it!

Please, all you Salvationists out their, remember the vows you made to God when you signed your promise (your Articles of War), and renew your promise to God today to keep them…all of them. If you cannot keep all your promises you should not be wearing a salvation army uniform, as it is completely against all it stands for.

Here the International Songsters of the Salvation Army sing My Solemn Vow: