How to brighten your day #30

Are you looking for simple ways to encourage your heart and nourish your soul?

In the last while I’ve given you some ideas which will hopefully inspire you to implement them in your own life, and over the coming weeks I’ll share some others with you.

So here’s today’s suggestion:

Do something to help the homeless

Have you noticed how it lifts your spirits and ultimately your day, when you say or do something to help someone else? So today, brighten your day by helping someone less fortunate than yourself, a homeless person.

Do you often see the same homeless person in the street?

How many times have you walked or driven right past a homeless person?

homeless (2)

So when you next see a homeless person, stop and do something to help them – whether it’s money or a hot meal you offer them, I’m sure the homeless person will appreciate you taking the time to help them. A word of warning however, if you give them money, be aware that while they may appreciate this more, it is possibly because they will spend that money on drugs or alcohol.

If you can do anything there and then for the homeless person, have a rummage around in your house when you get home, and find items which you can give the homeless person which may be of use to them. e.g, blankets, clothes,  shoes. Remember that many homeless folk have pets so if you can, take them some pet food as well for their animal companion.

Go on, make someone’s day, and brighten your day, by helping someone who is homeless!

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