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I found myself on the National Secular Society‘s website last week to check out their views on something I’d heard on the radio that day, and I was shocked to find that the by-line on their website is “Challenging religious privileges“.

Wow! “Religious privileges”! What privileges do they thing we those of us who follow a religious get? For me, as a Christian I know I am privileged of receive to God’s love. However I doubt that’s the privileges they are referring to!

Personally I get the feeling that rather than those who follow a religion receiving any privileges in this country, it’s become more and more like it’s the atheists such as the supporters of the National Secular Society who are receiving the privileges, as they are the ones whose opinions seems to be listened to and enforced, making it more and more difficult for religion to be taught for example, to our children in schools.

mp-good-friday-2011Why should the atheist view be taken as the correct thing to do in this age of equality? Why are sitting back and accepting religion being marginalised in our society? This country we live in was once proud to be known as a Christian nation, so what has happened? Is it simply equality or political correctness gone overboard, or is it simply that we Christians are not stepping forward and challenging those who seek to drive religion out in this country?

Don’t let the privilege of knowing and serving God, end with this generation, keep witnessing and sharing God’s message of love to all those you meet.

You may know my name.

You may be able to pick me out in a photograph.

You may see me every day

You may say hello to me every day.

You may talk to me frequently.

You in fact have known me for years.

But do you really know me?

For the almost all of you the answer will be No, because while you may think you know a lot about me, can you honestly say you know the “real” me?

Do you know what upsets me?

Do you know what I struggle with?

Do you know all the things that are going on in my life just now?

There’s only one person who truly knows how I feel, and truly knows me and understands how I feel…and that is God!

Don’t ever think you know everything about someone, because that simply isn’t possible, only God knows exactly who we are and how we feel.


So this week we’ve been looking at relationships and how it can be tough at times to love everyone. One of the most visual relationships we are all aware of is the relationships between different countries and different cultures.

We are all God‘s children regardless of our colour, our beliefs, or our nationality, so why is it that so many can’t live in harmony with those who are different from them? Unsurprisingly I don’t have any answers to that question.

Wouldn’t it be boring if we were all the same, we all instantly agreed with one another and all did everything in exactly the same way? Isn’t that exactly why we should embrace our differences and encourage relationships between different cultures and beliefs. Just because we don;t believe the same things as the next person doesn’t mean they are “the enemy” and we can’t build a relationship with them.

Some of my best friends have completely different beliefs or religion from me, but that has definitely not meant we haven’t been able to become best friends, far from it…in fact we often talk openly about what some of our beliefs and events we’re involved with through our church.

The same is good but different is also good so let’s try to build relationships with everyone, regardless of their culture, colour, beliefs or religion.

Faith is not shelter against difficulties, but belief in the face of all contradictions

(Paul Tournier)

Faith to believe in the unseen, no matter what others may say or do to try to persuade us otherwise, is the kind of faith we must have in God.

Believe in God because He will be with you through everything including all difficult situations.

Hebrews 11:1, 6

Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.

And without faith it is impossible to please God, because anyone who comes to him must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who earnestly seek him.

Due to some family circumstances, I’ve found myself thinking a lot about family members who openly say they do not believe in the existence of God, or have no opinion one way or the other about whether God exists or not.

It concerns me that there are so many people around me that I know, who don’t believe in God, nevermind the ones I don’t know!

However if I’m honest the ones I spend more time praying are actually the members of my family who are non-believers. Is that wrong?

There’s one member of my family in particular that has been in my thoughts recently, and that is my Dad – He’s a non-believer and as he’s now in the later stages of vascular dementia, it seems very unlikely to me now that he will find God before he passes away. Despite that I am trying to continue to pray that Dad will find God, as I believe nothing is impossible for God to achieve.

This has been a very difficult blog post to write, so I hope you will forgive me for the seriousness and morbidity of this post. It’s a subject which I know I am not alone in facing, and I hope that through reading this, if you are facing a similar situation, you might find comfort in knowing you are not alone.