So this week we’ve been looking at relationships and how it can be tough at times to love everyone. One of the most visual relationships we are all aware of is the relationships between different countries and different cultures.

We are all God‘s children regardless of our colour, our beliefs, or our nationality, so why is it that so many can’t live in harmony with those who are different from them? Unsurprisingly I don’t have any answers to that question.

Wouldn’t it be boring if we were all the same, we all instantly agreed with one another and all did everything in exactly the same way? Isn’t that exactly why we should embrace our differences and encourage relationships between different cultures and beliefs. Just because we don;t believe the same things as the next person doesn’t mean they are “the enemy” and we can’t build a relationship with them.

Some of my best friends have completely different beliefs or religion from me, but that has definitely not meant we haven’t been able to become best friends, far from it…in fact we often talk openly about what some of our beliefs and events we’re involved with through our church.

The same is good but different is also good so let’s try to build relationships with everyone, regardless of their culture, colour, beliefs or religion.

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