Only Human

The last couple of days I’ve spoken about how we must try to live in harmony with others but most especially with God. Today I want to concentrate on our relationships with others. i.e. Our relationships with those we come into contact with.

During our lifetime we come into contact with hundreds and thousands of people. Some are just in our life for a few seconds, others once we connect with them remain in our life forever.

There’s some people we meet who we instantly connect with and hit it off with. Then there are those who from the second we meet just seem to annoy us. Any of those sound familiar?

Now here’s the tough part…everyone we come into contact with, regardless of their background, their manner towards us, whether we get on with them or not and regardless of how long they are in our life for, as Christians we must be pleasant, cordial, friendly, helpful and loving towards everyone we meet.

Now that’s a challenge!

It is hard to be nice to some people, but then we are only human! However if we have fully given our life to God, He will guide us, and help us to stay patience and understanding, and friendly to everyone, even those we find challenging!

Although we are only human, God can make us super human and give us the qualities we need to work with/relate to everyone we need.

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