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Last week I caught a little bit of a phone-in on the radio during my journey into work – The topic of the phone-in that day was “Things to do during a long car journey”.

worship-prayerIf I’m honest I wasn’t really paying too much attention to what was being said during the phone-in until they read out a text message that someone had sent in with a suggestion about what to do during a long car journey…The suggestion was to pray.

That in itself wasn’t what caught my attention, but the response given by the phone-in host, as they said praying would be an idea plausible suggestion, “but not when you’re driving!”. I’m not sure why she felt you shouldn’t pray when you’re driving, so I don’t know whether it was because she thought you have to close your eyes to pray, or whether she felt you can’t pray and drive at the same time because you need your full attention on the road.

I understand that it is definitely not advisable to close your eyes when you’re driving, however it is not necessary to close your eyes to pray. I also understand that when driving our focus must be on our driving, however is praying by talking to God really any different to talking to your passengers in the car?

I was brought up to believe that we can, and should pray whenever we need to, regardless of where we are or what we are doing. because God is always there with us, and will always listen when we talk to Him.

So don’t be put off from praying just because of where you are or what you are doing, because your prayers matter, and more importantly, they matter to God. However praying when we’re busy doing other things is not ideal as we aren’t giving God our full attention, so make sure you still put time aside each day to spend quality time alone with God when you have no other distractions around you.

…and I think cars are great again!

Last week in The Problem With Cars… I told you how I’d been informed that my car  required £1300 worth of repairs. Having been shocked and stunned at the time, we had to have a serious think about whether we really should go ahead and get my car fixed or whether it was time to get a new car.

Well things moved quickly, and smoothly, so much so that yesterday I picked up my shiny new car!

To be honest I was sorry to see my old car go, it had served me well and I loved all the added gadgets it had. However it was time to move on, and get used to my new car.

So far so good, I’m loving my new car!

Have you ever stopped to consider how amazing the human body is? Compare it to a car engine and all the hours of intensive engineering and testing it goes through before it can be mass produced.

God created an amazing thing when he created you and me – there’s the range of movement and our ability to make decision (both right ones and wrong ones!) while inside us all the internally machinery which we usually take for granted, keeps running…usually smoothly, so that we can breathe, eat, talk and move in the way that we do.

Just how amazing is that?


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My poor car is broken. It went into the garage today for an MOT and a service and it failed it’s MOT! 😦 Not only did it fail but it needs a new part which they didn’t have in store so have no car tonight, as I had to leave it at the garage to they can fix it tomorrow when the part comes in.

Not looking forward to the bill tomorrow when I collect the car, but at least I’ll have a working car again!

I’ve heard it said many times before, and it’s so very true…car are great when they’re working and a pain when they’re not!

As I said, my car was in for an MOT and a service today – for those not in the UK, the MOT needs to be done yearly and for my car the service is ever 2 years.

How often is your car scheduled to be serviced?

All this got me thinking today (always a bad sign!), we service our cars regularly and I’m sure there are other things round your house or office that get serviced on a regular basis, but do we service our relationship with God? Should we?

I’m sure you have your own opinion on what the correct answer is to these questions, but let me share my thoughts with you…

We spend a lot of time, and money, servicing our assets, but to God what is his most important asset…US! I for one find I can slip easily into a rut as far as my relationship with God is concerned. i.e. I can find myself going through the motions doing the same things I’ve been doing for a while without really considering whether it’s still what God wants me to do, or whether I’m actually still doing it for the right reasons.

For these reasons, I feel it is important to “service” our relationship with God on a regular basis. Take a step back and actually just let God talk to you, instead of what I find can happen, I talk to God about my fears, my stresses, my worries and all the other things I’d like him to help with, and not give God a chance to talk to me and direct me where he now wants me to be.

So try and make sure you regularly “service” your relationship with God, listen to him as well as talking to him. Don’t wait until you are broken or your relationship with God is broken before you “service” your relationship with God.

Here’s a song by Steven Curtis Chapman entitled Broken that talks about how we are all broken and need a saviour and ends with the triumphant words that we have a saviour, that we have Jesus!


And finally…
for those of you whose have a car that is due an MOT and/or service soon, I hope no problems are found with your car and it sails through the MOT/service without any additional expense.