My week in review – week #17 2023

Strangely although this was another 5 day working week, it seems to go by fairly quickly this week. It’s been another busy week at work, with loads to do, but as always, with very tight timescales. My team however managed to successfully get the majority of the priority items done, and out to the service for them to test, which takes the pressure off us for a short time.

I’m also been trying to get some studying done for an upcoming exam, but so far failing miserably to have the energy or inspiration to do so at night after long working days. This is going to make the exam challenging as it’s been 5 months since I did the course/training, and it’s a closed book exam – That already puts the pressure on me, as I’m not great at remembering things. I find it odd it’s a closed book exam, as in reality when we need to put into practice our learning from the course, we can easily refer to our notes and our course book. It just adds stress to everyone as we’ve been told it mandatory we sit the exam. So fingers-cross for my exam this week.

Haven’t been feeling great for last couple of weeks, but thankfully this week has been a bit better – Still would like further improvement, so hopefully will continue to improve in the coming weeks.

The last few weeks I’ve been using my husband’s car as there was a problem with mine, and the garage couldn’t look at it until this week. So finally got the garage to look at my car this week, and while it did cost a bit to get it fixed, at least it wasn’t as serious an issue as we had thought it might have been. Good news is they fixed my car on the day, so now back to being able to use my own car again, and not having to ask others for a lift on days my husband needed his car. Hopefully that’s the last of the issues with my car!

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