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One word #9

Posted: April 12, 2017 in Easter, Food, life, religion, words
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When we’re asked a question, we can often give elaborate answers which really tell the questioner nothing. So for the following questions I’m looking for single word answers only, but as it is Holy Week, each of these questions relate to Easter :

  1. What does Easter mean to you?
  2. How will you celebrate Good Friday?
  3. How many Easter eggs have you bought this year?
  4. Where will you spend Easter Sunday?
  5. What is the biggest sacrifice anyone has made for you?

Whatever your answers, did you answer honestly or did you give the answers you think you should be giving?

If you didn’t answer honestly, can I suggest you try again, but this time be honest with yourself, because if you are, you might get an insight into the ares of your life you need to change.


This week is Holy Week, the week leading up to Good Friday and Easter Sunday…but do these days actually mean anything to you, or are they just names you associate with days off school or work, or a time to each lots of chocolate?

Sadly for many, Easter is just about holidays and Easter eggs, but for some of us, those who believe in Christ, Easter is pivotal to our religion, as without Easter we would not have been forgiven of all our sins, and we would not have the guarantee of eternal life.


Easter is not just a story, Easter is a reality, a reality which changed the world for each one of us, all because of God’s amazing love for us.

Today, as the title of my blog post suggests, is Palm Sunday, but do you know why it is called Pam Sunday and what is celebrated on this day each year?

Palm Sunday is the day on which Christians celebrate Jesus Christ’s triumphant entry into Jerusalem, one week before his death and subsequent resurrection. The bible tells us that when Christ entered Jerusalem huge crowds welcomed him, waving palm branches and covering his path with the palm branches.

Mark 11:7-11 (The Living Bible)

So the colt was brought to Jesus, and the disciples threw their cloaks across its back for him to ride on. Then many in the crowd spread out their coats along the road before him, while others threw down leafy branches from the fields.

He was in the centre of the procession with crowds ahead and behind, and all of them shouting, “Hail to the King! Praise God for him who comes in the name of the Lord!” . . .  “Praise God for the return of our father David’s kingdom. . . . ” “Hail to the King of the universe!”

And so he entered Jerusalem and went into the Temple.

Palm Sunday marks the start of a time a reflection and celebration known as Holy Week, which follows Christ’s journey from to the cross. Holy week runs from Palm Sunday through to Easter Sunday.

Palm Sunday is sometimes also called Passion Sunday.



Power of the cross is what makes today a day to celebrate Christ, and God’s love for every one of us.

Christ is alive, He is risen from the dead and He is Lord!

Easter Sunday, today, is one of the happiest in the Christian calendar. Why? Because today we celebrate the resurrection of Christ. So let’s celebrate today by rejoicing in God’s love for each one of us.

God gave His son for us, so in return let’s celebrate this Easter by give our all to God.

I don’t know what your life is like or how you feel on a daily basis, but for me, life can be a bit of a struggle physically and emotionally a lot of the time. In fact, I’d go as far as saying that over the last few years I’ve sometimes considered life to be hopeless.

Hopeless…a word which when I hear it, makes my heart go out to those who use it, as I know and understand their pain when they feel life is that bad. I know compared to many my life has been fabulous, but we’re all human, and we all feel differently and react differently to every situation, so I can only tell you that yes, life did feel hopeless at times to me.

But from hopeless we can pull out the word “hope“, and just as the word hope can be found in the word hopeless, so we can find hope when life seems hopeless. Indeed this very weekend, on Easter Sunday, resurrection Sunday, we celebrate the greatest hope for the world, all because…Jesus is alive.

As I’ve just said, this coming Sunday, Easter Sunday celebrate and commemorate the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ! In fact, isn’t that what we do every Sunday when we go to church, celebrate the hope that Christ’s resurrection gives us!

I hope you enjoy this wonderful song, His Glory Appears by Darlene Zschech, it means a lot to me as it talks about the hope that Christ gives us, and therefore fits perfectly with my thoughts for today: