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Christmas is a time for family

Christmas is a time for celebrating

Christmas is a time for giving

Christmas is a time for parties

Christmas is a time for loving one another

Christmas is time for Christ

Is Christmas a time for Christ, for you?

I’ve heard a few conversations recently about Christmas, and have been disappointed that just about all these conversations have been about the commercial side of Christmas rather than about Christ. These conversations have been about buying gifts, partying and drinking to excess then suffering hangovers as a result, eating to excess, spending time with family – some complaining about the stress involved with this, time off work, to name a few of the things that were discussed.

What I personally don’t get is why, particularly at this time of year, people want to drink to excess and become so drunk that they can’t remember much, if anything, about their night out, and then feel really ill the next day or two!

no christ no christmasWhere is Christ in all of this, and all these conversations?

Even when someone in the discussion mentioned church or chapel, it was talked about as if it is a chore as going to church/chapel at Christmas is only done out of duty, not because they want to celebrate the reason for the season.

Please don’t get too caught up in partying and presents this Christmas, that you forget that if Christ hadn’t been born, there would be no CHRISTmas!

It’s two days to Christmas, and I’m sure we’re all trying frantically to make sure our homes are ready for Christmas and all the family who will descend on us. But have you stopped to think of those who have family members who won’t be home for Christmas this year, and how empty their home feels to them this Christmas:

  • Some may have family who are serving in the armed forces somewhere;
  • Some may live hundreds or even thousands of miles away from their families;
  • Some may have lost a loved one to illness or old age in this last year, so may be alone;
  • Some may simply have no family to share Christmas with.

So spare a thought this Christmas for those who may not be finding Christmas such a joyous occasion, as for them Christmas may just be reminding them of their loneliness.

For those of you awaiting the arrival of loved ones this Christmas, cherish them and enjoy your celebrations together, as you are fortunate to have family to share this special time with.

…A time for families

…A time for celebrations

…A time for giving

…A time for parties

…A time for Christ

I must admit to being disappointed by a number of conversations I’ve heard in these last couple of weeks – These conversations have all been about Christmas, but not about Christ-mas, but instead about all night partying, drinking to excess and then suffering from a hangover for a day or two afterwards.

I’m sorry if I sound like a party-pooper because honestly I like a good party as must as the next person, but come on, what is it about Christmas that make people think it means they have to drink to excess and become so f=drunk that they can’t remember much, if anything, about their night out, and feel really ill the next day…or two!

no christ no christmasAs well as this, I’ve also been disappointed by the number of people who, when talking about their Christmas, have focused on everything and anything apart from celebrating the birth of Jesus. Even when someone has mentioned about church or chapel, they’ve talked about it as if it’s a chore going to church and that they only go at Christmas out of duty, not because they want to celebrate the reason for the season.

The reason we celebrate Christmas is because of Jesus, so please, this Christmas don’t get too caught up in partying and presents that you forget that if it hadn’t been for Christ, we would not have CHRISTmas!


do it nowHow many times have you put off doing something today because you believe you can do it tomorrow?

I’ve been reminded very vividly on a number of occasions this year that we all take our tomorrow’s for granted, so often.

I don’t mean to be morbid, but how do we actually know that tomorrow we will be able to do the task we’ve put off today? We don’t know what lies ahead for us 1 hour from now, never mind 1 day ahead!

So my advice to you is this, tell your loved ones today, and every day how much you love them, because you may not get another tomorrow to tell them, and you will never forgive yourself if that happens.

As some of you will know, a few days ago it was my birthday. Birthdays are normally a time of great celebration, even if we’re not very happy bout the age we are now celebrating. However this birthday for me was tinged with sadness, as it was the first birthday I’d celebrated without my Dad.

Dad in hospitalYes, my last birthday with Dad was spent visiting him in hospital, and while I remember he never spoke to us at all during our visit that day (in fact he hid under the covers the whole time), it was still special to me as our family was all together on my birthday.

Yes, hubby keeps trying to remind me that even last year at my birthday, it wasn’t really my Dad anymore, and therefore rather than have him here as a shell of himself unable to recognise or communicate with us anymore, it really is better for him that he passed away peacefully earlier this year. That of course is reasonably easy to say (or type in this case!), but so difficult to truly accept, as I really miss my Dad.

These last few days I’ve shed a whole load of tears for Dad as I miss him so much, not the person he was latterly in these last few years, but the person who brought me up, taught me and inspired me. I know I should be thankful for him that his suffering is over but, I’m only human, and therefore I continue to miss my Dad.

I’ve written a few blog posts in the last while where I’ve asked you whether you had ever noticed how there are some things which happen in films which never ever happen in real life – today it’s time for some more examples of this!


  1. Creepy music  coming from a graveyard should always be closely investigated on your own
  2. You should always go out alone a car in a thunderstorm, especially if you’re looking for someone
  3. Cars will explode instantly when struck by a single bullet
  4. Prostitutes always look like Julia Roberts or Jamie Lee Curtis
  5. No matter how savagely a spaceship is attacked, its internal gravity system is never damaged
  6. All food shopping will include the purchase of at least one French loaf which will be carried in open brown paper bag
  7. Prostitutes always have expensive clothes and a nice flat/house, but no pimps
  8. If being chased through a city you can usually take cover in a passing parade – no matter what time of year it is, there’s always a parade!
  9. Megalomaniacs always use complicated devices incorporating fuses, pulleys, deadly gases, lasers or man-eating sharks
  10. Prostitutes are friendly with the shopkeepers in their neighbourhood who don’t mind at all what they do for a living.

Any of these sound familiar?

Obviously these are complete generalisations because not every film follows the above rules, but I’m sure you’ll agree, you can think of a lot which do!

Dad at our weddingIt’s been a tough day for me today as it’s Father’s Day today – if you’ve been following my blog for a few months you’ll know that my Dad passed away earlier this year.

It’s not been a tough day because it’s the first Father’s Day I’ve not had to buy a card and present for my Dad, as I never did that…not because I didn’t love Dad, but because he believed Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day etc were all just about companies making money from all the commercialisation that comes with all those events. I have to say, I do agree with Dad on that, as after all, we always agreed that our love for one another should be shown each and every day not just expressed by a the amount of money/effort put into a present once a year on a day defined by others.

These last few weeks, I’ve been finding myself thinking more and more of Dad (not that I’ve ever stopped thinking of him) and getting very emotional. People keep telling me it’ll get easier with time, but at the moment I feel it’s actually getting harder!

Anyway, for all you other folk out there who have had to get through today, Father’s Day, I hope you have managed to get through what will have been a tough day for you. For those of you who still have you dad with you, cherish them, tell them you love because otherwise, when they are no longer here with you anymore, you’ll wish you’d told them more often how much they meant to you…I know I do!

Some things in life just aren’t important in the grand scheme of things and over these last few days, I’ve been reminded again how important it is to make sure the things that are important to you stay top od your priority list.

As I mentioned in yesterday’s blog post (in It Might Be New Year But…) that this year, 2013, hasn’t been the best for me so far. I think it’s for the reasons listed in that blog post, that I’ve reminded myself several times this year already, that I shouldn’t get too bogged down in things that in the grand scheme of things, really aren’t important.

Sometimes I think we’re all guilty of paying too much attention to what others think of us, how much (or how little) we enjoy certain activities, and of course the one that cripples us all at times, timescales and deadlines!

reality-checkHere are some things to consider – I’d suggest you consider the order you would currently put these tasks, review that order, and then place them in the priority you would rally want these items to be in your life:

  • Work – including overtime, timescales, deadlines
  • Children – looking after them and sending quality time with them
  • Religion – attend meetings and gatherings, spend “you-time” with God
  • Learning – enhancing your skills so you can go further in your employment
  • Possessions – constantly the wanting to be one of the first with the best items available
  • Family – care and provide for them and look after them when they are ill
  • Relax – spend quality time relaxing and recharging with friends/family or by yourself
  • “You time” – spend time yourself doing whatever you want

I’m sure even at a quick look we can all put these items in a current priority order. But are you happy with that order?

Some of the things in the above list are not essential to achieve all you can achieve, therefore why not remove those unneeded tasks and focus only on those which will help you achieve what God wants you to achieve.

Why not make this year a year to concentrate on the important things in life and not get bogged down in trivial things, but lets keep God at the centre of all we do and out family and friends next. SO keep focused on what’s important in your life and don’t get distracted by other things.

Welcome New Year 2013

Welcome to 2013! I hope it’s a guid’un for you and yours.

I’m quite pleased to see the back of 2012, as just like 2011, it wasn’t the best year for me or my family.

So what about 2013, what am I hoping to achieve this year?

The main thing I’m hoping for this new year is that all my family and friends have a much healthier 2013 than 2012, but I guess I’m not going to be the only person hoping for better health for family/friends!

Other than that, like last year I’m not going to make any new year resolutions as I always think they’re doomed to fail. Instead I’m just going to set myself some goals/aim for my year. This time though, based on how I found measuring my aims last year, I’m setting less goals this time and making them more prescriptive.

So here’s my list of goals/aims for 2013, in no particular order:

  • Lose another 11lbs
  • Spend 5 minutes praying every morning
  • Think before I speak! – It’s not so much what I say sometimes that’s the problem, but how I say it!
  • Play tennis at least once by Easter, and at least 10 times by end of August
  • Challenge myself to look at old things in a new way, and new things with an open mind

Come the end of 2013, I wonder how many of these goals I’ll be able to say, “yes I’ve achieved that”, only the next 363 days will tell!

Whatever your aims for 2013, or your new year’s resolutions, I pray your year may be one in which you experience God‘s love for you, your friends and your family… whatever 2013 may have in store for you.

Have a great 2013! God bless.

I’m sure you’ve all either been involved in or heard or read discussions about keeping Christ in Christmas, but have you considered how we should actually keep Christ in Christmas?

As far as I’m concerned, we should keep Christ in Christmas, in exactly the same way as we should keep Christ in our everyday life, by having Christ’s presence in your daily life.

Keeping Christ in Christmas is more about the way you live your life than the things you say. i.e. It’s not about saying “Merry Christmas” rather than “happy Holidays“, or writing “Christmas” instead of “Xmas” or “Crimbo”, it’s about living your life in a Christ-like manner everyday.

Having said that, for me, I will always say “Merry Christmas” rather than “Happy Holidays” and write “Christmas” or “CHRISTmas” rather than “Xmas” or “Crimbo”, but at the end of the day those words mean nothing, because being a Christian is about actions and living for Christ.

Make this Christmas a true CHRISTmas this year by trying to live everyday in a Christ-like manner.

Remember the CHRIST in CHRISTmas!