Ever thought you’ve done something, only to find out later that either, you did the task, but didn’t save your work or you did the work, but either scheduled it for the wrong day, or didn’t scheduled it at all?

Well tonight that was me!

I wrong a blog post for tonight, and saved and scheduled it…but scheduled it for tomorrow night instead of tonight! So my apologies for those wondering what happened to my blog post for tonight.

I’ve mentioned before that I am quite an organised person (more so in other peoples’ eyes than my own), so I have a spreadsheet with dates and the title of each blog post published on each day, so I have a visible record of where I am with writing/scheduling my blog posts. However when I wrote the blog post I had intended sharing tonight I didn’t bother updating my spreadsheet as I thought I’d do it later, but guess what I forgot! So I didn’t discovered I’d scheduled the post for the wrong date until I opened my spreadsheet tonight.

I guess where I’m going with this is just to highlight that during the holiday period it can be so easy to get out of our routine of how and when we do things, and get confused about what day it is never mind what the current date is! Imagine it had had been something more important I’d got my days mixes up with, for example, what if I was supposed to visit a relative or a neighbour on a specific day/date, but I hadn’t turned up, it may have left them feeling alone, unwanted, or without shopping that they needed. So I’d encourage you not to ‘mess’ with your normal routine as it can be so easy to get confused, and we may end up letting someone down who was relying on us.

Apologies again for the last post today.

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