A distant memory?

Christmas Day may now seem like a distant memory to you, especially if you were back at work this week. Christmas for each of us means different things, and whether it is great Christmas, or a not so great Christmas will be determined by how well or otherwise your expectations of Christmas were met.

For some your Christmas Day was probably better than you hoped for, while for others it would be a day tinged with sadness as your thoughts turned to those who have passed away in this last year, or those who you miss dearly who passed away longer ago. For others you may have had a day filled with fun and family, while others spent the day alone.

Although I’ve been talking about Christmas Day, I guess were my thoughts are going is true for every day of year, and not specific to Christmas Day. Yes, we celebrate the birth of Jesus on Christmas Day, but we should be celebrating Jesus every day of the year, because He lives!

So no matter how distant a memory Christmas Day may be for you already, remember to give thanks to God for that first Christmas morning, when His Son Jesus, was born, the Saviour of the world.

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