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A couple of weeks ago I was out with a couple of friends and we got talking Salvation Army Christmas carolling. This in turn brought the conversation onto what our favourite and least favourite carols are.

This got me thinking about the number of times each Christmas we in a Salvation Army band, must play or be requested to play, the same carols over and over again. So much so that I’m sure everyone in an SA band must have specific carols that we hope we don’t need to play over and over again!

For some people though, Christmas carols is the only bit of God they hear or even know about – For example:

  • Silent Night teaches that Mary was a virgin when she became pregnant with Jesus and that jesus is the holy child
  • The shepherd’s came to the stable because The angel of the Lord came down and told them to head to the stable
  • We were told to Come All Ye Faithful because Born This Happy Morning was Christ The Lord

The True Meaning Of Christmas By M.S.Lowndes

Jesus Christ was born this day

So many years before

He came a servant to the lost,

Though he was Lord of Lords

We celebrate this joyous time,

Reflecting on His birth

Not born in a mansion, but a stable

As if He had no worth

He came so He could identify

With the human heart of man

And gave His life as a sacrifice,

Offering a better plan

A plan that reconciles us back

To our loving Father God,

Bringing hope and redemption from

Sins ruling, iron rod

For this is the only reason that we

Should celebrate this day,

To become focused on anything else,

Would take the meaning away

So let’s arise with joy in our hearts

And share it with everyone

The meaning of Christmas will always be

The birth of Jesus – God’s son

Can someone share a prayer with us please.

Tomorrow is Christmas, so I hope you’re all organised?

Over the last few weeks I’ve been reminded that over the years I, like many of you, will have heard the Christmas story many times, and many times every year and, if I’m honest, I have probably taken the message of Christmas for granted because of that. So I decided to take a fresh look at Christmas this year, to try to get that feeling of excitement back about all the festivities.

Children are always very excited about Christmas, so I started by looking at what some of them have to say…

In answer to why do we celebrate Christmas, here’s a couple of answers given by children:

  • “I am not really a Christian. I believe in unicorns and pixies.”
  • “We celebrate Christmas because Santa comes and gives us lots and lots of presents.”

When asked who Jesus is:

  • “Jesus was a king and he wore a crown even though he was a baby. It was a really small crown.”
  • “Jesus is really old and his birthday was on Christmas over 2000 years ago.”

What gifts did the wise men bring?

  • “The wise men brought gold, Frankenstein , and myrrh.”
  • “The three wise men brought Jesus presents of gold, frankincense, smurr  and silver. But I think he would have preferred wrestling toys.”

And when asked where Jesus was born, one child gave the following answer:

  • “He was born in a stable a long way away from here in another country. Bethlehem – it’s in England.”

That’s how some excited children have described Christmas, but what about you, what gets you excited about Christmas?

In the busyness of this time of year, in amongst preparing for Christmas, how much time have you spent thinking about the true meaning of Christmas, and the birth of Jesus?

Jesus birth was foretold many years beforehand in Isaiah 7:14 where Isaiah says “Therefore the Lord himself will give you a sign: the virgin will conceive and give birth to a son, and will call him Immanuel”.  What an exciting prospect that must have been even then, knowing that the Saviour of the world would be born into this world at some point, as one of us.
We read in Luke about the angel Gabriel visiting Mary to tell her she would give birth to the son of God. Although Mary would have been scared and filled with trepidation about what lay ahead, I’m sure she would also have been excited about the prospect of becoming a mother.

A new child in any family is a magical event, so it’s not surprising we get excited when someone we know is expecting a child. This Christmas in amongst the busyness of the season, I encourage you not to forget about Jesus, but instead get excited about the birth of Jesus again, just as you would if a friend or family member tells you they are expecting a baby.

I came across a poem which reminds us of this.

dont-forget-christmas-is-about-jesus-2Don’t Forget Jesus

Christmas is a special time

To reflect on Jesus Christ,

The wonder of His lowly birth

Brings meaning to our lives

There really is no other reason,

We celebrate this day,

The birth of God’s precious son

And the life, He willingly gave

But so much seems to distract us

In the busyness of our lives,

We lose our focus in all the happenings,

Not knowing, we leave out Christ


We lose sight of the true meaning

As we endlessly rush about,

Trying to find that perfect gift,

Seems to cloud our Saviour out


We need to stop and reflect awhile,

Remembering our precious Lord,

His birth, His life and sacrifice

And all that He stands for


For though the world may celebrate,

It seems, though, for other reasons,

Let’s keep in mind that Jesus Christ

Is the true meaning of the season.

© By M.S.Lowndes


As I mentioned earlier I decided to take a fresh look at Christmas this year, so whether this year is the first or the 51st time you’ve heard the Christmas story, I ask you to do the same, and in doing so consider remember the birth of Jesus and Who Is He? to you this Christmas.

God’s Eternal Seeds
We need to keep on sowing
The seeds of Jesus Christ
Of hope, grace and mercy
Into our children’s lives
For they need to know God’s love
And the hope there is in Him
Of receiving eternal salvation
And forgiveness of their sins
For if we remain faithful
In the sowing of this seed
We will reap the rewards of it
As we see them come to believe
And be planted like a tree
Beside God’s flowing river
So they will be continually refreshed
And their leaves shall never wither
Their fruit shall also be
Ready in its season
Freely given out to those
Whose lives they’re sowing seeds in
So as we keep on sowing
We shall surely reap
A bountiful harvest in their lives
From God’s eternal seeds
by M.S.Lowndes

Keep working for God, and He will keep working for you. You will find eternal happiness when you serve God all your days.

My Closest Friend
I place my hope in you
For you alone are Lord
There could never be another
I could ever love more
There’s no-one who comes closer
To you in my life
For you are my closest friend
In whom I can confide
And share my deepest longings
My hurts and my fears
Knowing you will understand
And wipe away my tears
Knowing I can come to you
Morning, noon or night
You will never turn me away
But give ear to my plight
And you will not condemn me
Nor judge what I say
For you are full of constant love
And listen when I pray
You love was such that you died
My soul you came to save
From certain eternal misery
Awaiting beyond the grave
But now in you I can be sure
Of eternity with you
Freed from pain and misery
With eternal joy too
by M.S.Lowndes


So who is “my closest friend”? It’s God!

You’ll see some of the statements in the above poem reflect some of the things I’ve been talking about over the last while. e.g. This poem talks about how my closest friend will not judge me…I spoke about not judging us in Don’t Judge Me; It talks about how eternity and how God will be with us always…I spoke about this in Prepare For The Future and also in other posts.

Who else can we rely on not to judge us but remain our friend forever?

God is my closest friend today and forever! Let Him be your closest friend too.

Befriended by Matt Redman sums up my relationship with God:

When we’re young our parents urge us to reach our full potential in life, by studying hard and doing well at school. When we’re young that’s when we are most impressionable, however impressionable can be good and can also be bad – we can be taught about God and His love for us which is good, however we can just as easily get into the company of those who would teach us in unchristian ways.

So how do we ensure our children reach their full potential in Christ? We pray!

Give us grace to raise our children
Whatever the daily crises
Strengthen us to reflect you Lord
No matter what situation arises

Give us wisdom to have an answer
When hard questions come our way
When we feel we don’t have the answers
When we don’t know what to say

Give us your eyes so we can see
The potential they have in you
And see the beauty within their souls
To see them the way you do

Give us hope as a firm foundation
And strength to raise them in love
So they may feel secure in you
And may come to learn to trust

We pray, O God, you’ll help us to
Model ourselves after you
So they may walk in all your ways
And see in us your truth

That was a poem entitled A Child‘s Potential by M.S.Lowndes.

Is it just me or would you agree that one of the worse things we can see, is a child in distress? It’s even worse when we know there is nothing we can can do to help ease the child’s pain.

I came across the following poem by M.S.Lowndes which was dedicated to children with terminal illnesses. This poem touched me, I hope it also touches you too.

Gifts Of Heaven

Lord you see each precious child
And you care so much for them
For they are special to you Lord
And are the gifts of heaven

Lord you long to soothe their pain
And calm their anxious fears
You hold each one in your loving arms
And you show them that you care

You know what each ones going through
You see the hurt inside
We pray that you will strengthen them
To endure what’s in their lives

So they will know the love of God
And know your saving grace
To know that you will be their friend
Through whatever they may face

So bless the children we ask of Thee
With hope, love and peace
Let them feel your presence Lord
And let their fretting cease.

Today at work I realised I was 8 weeks behind in my timsheets – Oops! Mind you as well as noticing this I also realised that the “timesheet police” haven’t been after me yet, which is most unusual – They usually descend on you if you get more than a few weeks behind.

So having noticed how far behind I was, did I immediately catch up in my timesheets? Of course not! I hate filling in timesheets, and as I decided what difference is one more day behind going to make! It’s a task I usually do first thing in the morning before my brain is completely in gear, so will tackle this task tomorrow I suppose. Roll on tomorrow…not!

Anyway, all these thoughts about timesheets and how I’ve been spending my time, got me thinking a bit more generally about my time management…

  • times of boredom
  • times of joy
  • times of despair
  • times of learning
  • times of reflection
  • times of worry
  • times of work
  • times of relaxation

Where in all that is my “time for God”? I have got a bit of a reputation at work of being a very organised person (yes I know those of you who know me outside of work may be astounded by that but it’s true!), but that doesn’t seem to be reflected in my time management of my “time for God”. Also, look at my list again…how many of those “times of…” could be lessened id only I look them at to God in prayer!

Fitting in with today’s thoughts, please listen to the song For Such A Time As This

Do you manage your time with God the way God expects and wants you to? Why not take a step back today and reevaluate whether you spend enough “quiet time” with God each day.

Make today your “My Time Management for God” day.

Wasted Hours
So many hours are spent in
Pursuing our earthly desires
Without asking what God’s plans are
Or what, from us, He requires
We struggle so hard to fill
The emptiness and the boredom
We look unto earthly pleasures
To fill the void within
But so much time is wasted
In things that have no worth
Things that seem to take the place
Of what we know should be first
Like our relationship with God
And our faith in Jesus Christ
For He’s the only one to fulfil
The emptiness we have inside
Our hope of eternal glory
With Jesus Christ our Lord
This should be our only focus
For nothing in life is worth more
© By M.S.Lowndes

Your Word

Your Word, O Lord
Is wisdom and truth
And we need to know this
When in our youth

To have it embedded
Deep in our hearts
To never give it up
And never let it part

We need to know
The truth there in
That will lead us to life
And free us from sin

Your Word, O Lord
Is faithful and just
And in your Word
We must put our trust

By M. S. Lowndes

The bible holds so much information for us. We must trust God to help us understand His message to us, in His word.

This above poem talks about how we must know the wisdom and truth of God’s word in our youth, but it’s referring to the youth of our relationship with God, not of our life – otherwise it would be saying if we don’t know the truth of God’s word in our childhood, we never will, which certainly is not true – we can find God at any time in our life.

Do you know the truth of God’s word today? If not, now is the time to ask God to help you discover it in His book, the bible.

Those who are parents or work with children, have an awesome responsibility to teach the children all they need to have a fantastic future. Doesn’t this all fit in with what I’ve been talking about the last few days…influence! We must ensure we are a positive influence on our children, and make sure we teach them right from wrong, good from evil.

God can and will teach us how and what to teach our children. Through God’s help not only can we be sure we are teaching well in life’s ways but also in God’s ways.

Raising Children For The Lord by M.S.Lowndes

It’s such an awesome privilege
And a big responsibility
God has given to us as parents
This wonderful opportunity
To raise our precious children
And instil into their lives
The wonder and amazement
of the love of Jesus Christ
So they will learn to trust in Him
And worship and to pray
To love others with the love of God
And to honour and obey
As parents we’ve been entrusted
To raise them in God’s love
To be there to encourage them
When they feel like giving up
And to be there just to listen
When life deals some painful blows
And comfort them when they feel afraid
And when tears begin to flow
To share with them those joyful times
The precious moments in their lives
When doors begin to open up
And opportunities arise
Through everything they face in life
Let’s be there cheering them on
For we only have one chance at this
For childhood soon is gone
So let’s rely on Father God
To raise them to become
Men or Women who trust in Him
And in His precious Son.


A beautiful song, one of my favourites by Kathryn Scott entitled Child of God fits in perfectly with my thoughts today: