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Posted: January 9, 2019 in cross, death, life, music, quotes, religion
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If I were to ask you to draw a picture of a follower of Jesus, what would your picture look like?

Here’s a picture which to me, shows and explains a follower of Jesus.

For me, and I’m sure, for other Christians, it’s all about the cross, and what God sacrificed for each of us when Jesus died on the cross. That is why I follow the cross. That is why I follow Jesus.


The cross is the central focus of all we believe – Jesus, crucifixion, resurrection, forgiveness, everlasting life. So it’s no great surprise that the cross is the focal point in many churches, the reminder of everything we have to be grateful for.

Believe in the cross, and believe in Christ, because they are the rock on which our faith is built.

All because of the cross by Paul Baloche

What can wash a- way my sin, nothing but the blood of Jesus
What can make me whole again, nothing but the blood of Jesus

For my pardon this I see, nothing but the blood of Jesus
For my cleansing this my plea, nothing but the blood of Jesus

All because of the cross we are white as snow
All be- cause of what You’ve done
There’s a cleansing flow for all who come
Lord, we come

This is all my hope and peace, nothing but the blood of Jesus
This is all my righteousness, nothing but the blood of Jesus

All because of the cross we are white as snow
All be- cause of what You’ve done there’s a cleansing flow
All because of the cross we are white as snow
All be- cause of what You’ve done
There’s a cleansing flow for all who come

Lord, we come
Lord, we come
Lord, we come

Oh, the blood of Je- sus; Oh, the blood of Je- sus
Oh, the blood of Je- sus
Oh, the blood of Je- sus
On the cross, our sin erased
In Your death, our life was raised
On the cross, our sin erased
In Your death, our life was raised

In the Christian calendar, Lent is the 40 days leading up to Easter which is treated as a period of reflection and a time for fasting from food and festivities. It symbolises the days which lead up to Jesus’ crucifixion and subsequent resurrection when Christ spent 40 days and nights alone in the desert.

Every year Lent starts on Ash Wednesday (This year starting on 1st March) and finishes on Holy Thursday (This year the 13th April). While Lent is a 40-day period it is actually 46 days of lent, as Sunday’s are excluded.

These days lent has traditionally become a time when people give up something up such as chocolate, alcohol, caffeine, smoking, favourite foods or television.

How many of you have given up something for lent this year? Did you do so just because traditionally you give up something for lent, or because it is the lead up to Easter and so this is a time of reflection for you as well as a time for fasting from some of your favourite things?

I pray that this lent as you reflect and/or give up one of your favourite things, you take time to remember Christ’s sacrifice for us, and reflect on your relationship with God.

Ever feel like there’s no way you can do something? I’m sure we’ve all felt like that sometimes, so here’s a picture to make you stop and think

you can

Don’ t ever again say you can’t do something, because if it’s meant to be, God will help you achieve anything!

Believe! Because of the cross all things are possible.



I recently heard of a survey that had been carried out, where those carrying out the survey asked a number of school children who they considered to be the person behind Christmas. I must admit that I was not only surprised by the results but saddened by them too, as the majority of the school aged children asked said that Christmas was all about Santa.

What made the survey even more shocking was that when many of the children were asked directly if they knew who Christ was, many said they had never heard of him. So sad.

It’s a very said indictment on today’s world when so few children have even heard of Jesus, let alone recognise that the reason we celebrate Christmas is because of Him.

Christmas might be a time when we have fun giving and receiving gifts from our friends and family, but we must remember it’s our responsibility to remind the world the real reason for the season, otherwise Christ will be taken out of Christmas forever.

O Come Emmanuel by Paul Baloche

Which of life’s virtues do you think are important? Which is the most beautiful?

For me humility is the most beautiful virtue we can develop.

Andrew Murray once said:

Humility is perfect quietness of heart. It is to expect nothing, to wonder at nothing that is done to me, to feel nothing done against me. It is to be at rest when nobody praises me, and when I am blamed or despised. It is to have a blessed home in the Lord, where I can go in and shut the door, and kneel to my Father in secret, and am at peace in a deep-sea of calmness, when all around and above is trouble.

So have I achieved the virtue of humility? No!

Am I still trying to achieve humility? Yes

What am I doing to try to achieve humility? I’m praying for humility

Please join me in prayer today so that we can all achieve humility, one of the most beautiful virtues anyone can have.

All For Jesus by Paul Baloche 
Every step of faith every sacrifice
Every prayer that’s prayed from an honest heart
You alone deserve every breath of worship
I just want to say How great You are
It’s all for You every song of praise
It’s all for You every hand that’s raised
Everything I am everything I do
Is all for You
All for You
I want to let You know that You are my hero
I’m a grateful soul that’s been redeemed
All creation sings all the Earth adores You
From the highest star to the deepest sea
All for You
All for You

We’re always being told that everything we do must be done for Jesus. But do we really try our best to ensure all we do really is for God?

Sometimes I think we all get caught up by what’s around us, the people and our belongings, however to do everything for God we must put aside our own desires and wishes because ultimately God will provide all we need in every situation.

Therefore live your life for God, praise Him and thank Him, and He will continue to provide for you.

saved – rescued; especially from the power and consequences of sin; “a saved soul”

Do you believe God has saved you?

I do! I believe Jesus died on the cross all those years ago, so that my sins were forgiven.

As a Christian and a soldier in the Salvation Army, I believe I have been saved by God so that I can help spread His message to those who have not yet accepted Christ as their Saviour. Not only to I believe I can help spread God’s message through my soldiership in the Salvation Army, but I believe God can help me to witness for Him in all situations and circumstances I find myself in.

You do not need to be a soldier or member of the Salvation Army to be saved. And you definitely do not need to a soldier or member of the Salvation Army to save others. At the end of the day, where or how we worship God is not the important thing, what is important is that we are saved and as such we do our best to save others too.

God, you have saved us!

Here’s a question for you:

What do we Christians have that is worth offering to other people?

Galatians 6:2 (English Contemporary Bible)

You obey the law of Christ when you offer each other a helping hand.

As Christians we should try to do all we can to help others – whether that be the homeless, the lonely, the abused, the starving, the broken, or indeed anyone else in need. Therefore here’s some of the qualities I would expect to find in a true Christian…how many of these can you honestly say you possess?

  • honesty
  • compassion
  • unconditional love
  • generosity
  • unselfish
  • caring

Sometimes at the end of the day, some people just need someone to listen to them and maybe give them a hug – I’m sure each of us are more than capable of doing that. However I’m sure if we could all do that each day, we could make a huge difference in so many people’s’ lives.

Job 29:11-13 (NIV)

Whoever heard me spoke well of me, and those who saw me commended me, because I rescued the poor who cried for help, and the fatherless who had none to assist him. The man who was dying blessed me; I made the widow’s heart sing.

Go on, make a difference in someone’s life today!

Due to some family circumstances, I’ve found myself thinking a lot about family members who openly say they do not believe in the existence of God, or have no opinion one way or the other about whether God exists or not.

It concerns me that there are so many people around me that I know, who don’t believe in God, nevermind the ones I don’t know!

However if I’m honest the ones I spend more time praying are actually the members of my family who are non-believers. Is that wrong?

There’s one member of my family in particular that has been in my thoughts recently, and that is my Dad – He’s a non-believer and as he’s now in the later stages of vascular dementia, it seems very unlikely to me now that he will find God before he passes away. Despite that I am trying to continue to pray that Dad will find God, as I believe nothing is impossible for God to achieve.

This has been a very difficult blog post to write, so I hope you will forgive me for the seriousness and morbidity of this post. It’s a subject which I know I am not alone in facing, and I hope that through reading this, if you are facing a similar situation, you might find comfort in knowing you are not alone.