Christmas is about who?

Do you think the majority of people know the real reason we celebrate Christmas?

Sadly I think the answer to this is ‘No’, as so many seem to be unaware or ignorant of the true meaning of Christmas.

I heard of a survey where they asked a number of school children who we celebrate at Christmas. The results showed that most of the school children they asked said that we celebrate Santa at Christmas time. The survey went on to say that they then asked the children if they knew who Jesus Christ was, many said they had never heard of him.

That, I am afraid is a sad indictment on our society these days. So sad. At one time everyone would have received some religious teaching as a child, and even if they didn’t believe in God, would at least have heard of Jesus, and God.

This shows that it’s even more important that those of us who do believe in Christ, continue to tell others, not just the reason we celebrate Christmas, but also that Jesus is our Saviour and our King all year round.

It’s a very said indictment on today’s world when so few children have even heard of Jesus, let alone recognise that the reason we celebrate Christmas is because of Him.

Christmas might be a time when we have fun giving and receiving gifts from our friends and family, but we must remember it’s our responsibility to remind the world the real reason for the season, otherwise Christ will be taken out of Christmas forever.

O Come Emmanuel by Paul Baloche

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