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Today marks 100 years since the Armistice was signed bringing to an end of the First World War. So today, on this Remembrance Sunday we particularly celebrate the end of WW1, but as always, we also remember those who died fighting for our country, for our freedom, in many conflicts all over the world.

We also think of those who fought in these conflicts, and returned home, as their lives will have been changed forever because of what they have witnessed, and the friends they have lost. Life will never be the same for them.

Life for us would not be as it is today if it wasn’t for the thousands of brave men and women, who were part of our armed forces who fought for their country, our country.

There are still many men and women in our armed forces today who are protecting/fighting for our country, here in the UK and in conflict situations around the world. They too are in our thoughts today, so please pray for them, and their families, and pray for their safe return home.

Today is Remembrance Sunday when we think of those who have served in our armed forced at some time. We especially think of those who have lost their lives while on active service as well as their families.

This Remembrance Sunday I’ve found myself thinking of those in our armed forces who have been injured or killed in the UK where they were supposedly in a “safe” environment. It seems there are now no safe places/counties in this world of our anymore, and that for me is why it makes it even more important that even though we may not agree with the conflicts and roles in which our armed forced are involved, we continue to support our soldiers. They take their lives in their hands every day they are part of our armed forces, regardless of whether they are at home in the UK or on duty in another country.

So this Remembrance Sunday, please take a few minutes to think of those who have been injured or killed while part of our armed forced. But please also say a prayer for those who still serve in our armed forces, after all they are protecting our freedom and our lives!



On Friday (12 July 2013) the military funeral took place of 25-year-old Fusilier Lee Rigby, who was killed in Woolwich, south-east London, in May. I saw a little of they funeral on the tv as it was on the television in the hospital when I was sitting waiting to be taken for my appointment.

The events surrounding Lee Rigby’s murder I think touched many of us, as it seems he was murdered simply because he was a British soldier, serving his country in our armed forces.

After I finished at the hospital, as it was lunchtime I decided to go for a walk in a park I often walk through. In the centre of this park is a cenotaph commemorating our fallen soldiers from all the various wars. Having walked passé this cenotaph several times in the last week I was aware that at the foot of it were a number of poppy wreaths which had obviously been laid there last year on Remembrance Sunday.

On Friday however as I was walking round the park and neared the cenotaph I realised there was something different, there was a union flag and a small bouquet of flowers place at the foot of the cenotaph. A walk closer to the cenotaph I realised the flag and flowers with a lovely message had been placed there today in memory and support of Lee Rigby and his family, on this most difficult of days for them.

I must admit a wee tear came to my eye as I read the card that was attached to the flowers, it was such a lovely thing for someone who lives hundreds of miles away from where Lee lived and died, to do.

After a few moments of contemplation and prayer I continued on my walk round the park. My journey however was to take me back past the cenotaph and the memorial again a little later…

As I approached the cenotaph the second time a young boy of about 13 or 14 whizzed passed me on a scooter, he slowed as he passed the union flag and the flowers and then turned and stopped right in front of the flag and the flowers. By this time I was just a few metres away from the boy, and realised he was reading the card on the flowers and nodding. He took two or three stepped backwards away from the cenotaph, and as he turned towards in my direction to carry on his way he did a thumbs up in the direction of the cenotaph. He nodded again and smiled at me as he then whizzed off down the path on his journey.

I was very touched by this, as having already read the message that went with the flag and the flowers I realised he had obviously been as touched by them as I was. How many young lads of that age would be interested enough to stop and read something like this and show approval in the way this young lad had done.

I will probably never know who this young boy was, but what a credit to his parents. We say so much wrong in this world these days, that it was good to see some good on Friday, both from the person who left the tribute to Lee Rigby but also the boy who showed his support and approval to this memorial too.

RIP Lee Rigby


I heard a few minutes of a discussion on the radio earlier in the week about, whether it was ok for people to wear a poppy if they disagree with the policy of war.

For me that’s a moot question as while I disagree with the concept of war and killing other human beings, I believe we should all proudly support our war veterans, those who died in conflict, those still fighting in conflicts and also those still serving in our armed forces.

Remembrance Day is about remembering those who gave their lives so we could be free, but it’s also about looking forward and praying for peace.

So today as you’ve looked back and remembered the fallen, I hope you have also looked forward and prayed for peace.

God bless all those who have died serving their country in our armed forces. I pray today for their families and friends, and that together we may all look forward to world in which all nations can live on peace and harmony.

Today is Remembrance Sunday, when all around the world at 11am many will have stopped what they were doing and observed several minutes silence in memory of all those men and women who have lost their lives in conflicts around the world.

Many brave men and women have been killed or injured fighting for their country and today is the one day each year when spend thinking about and remembering them. unfortunately for the families of those who have been killed or those who’ve been injured, they don’t just think about their situation once a year, it’s with them 365 days a year, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

It’s not much that is asked of the rest of us to spend a few minutes thinking about and praying for these brave folks once a year, so I hope wherever you are, whatever you were doing, you found time to stop for just a few minutes a pray for our soldiers past and present, and also their families and friends.

Here in Britain, each year the Royal British Legion launch their Poppy Appeal to raise funds to help with look after the welfare of thousands of serving and ex-Service people – I hope you were able to contribute to this great cause. Though if you haven’t done so yet, there’s still time, as you can make a donation at the Royal British Legion website.

Please continue to pray for all our service men and women – They need our prayers!

I love the song Letter From War by Mark Schultz – it fits in well with today’s theme, so I hope you enjoy it too: