A different Remembrance Sunday

With all that’s going on in the world this year because of the Coronavirus pandemic, it should be no surprise that for many of us, Remembrance Sunday has been very different this year. For many, Remembrance Sunday means a Remembrance Parade in their town, followed by a short service at the cenotaph or war memorial.

As many of you will know I attend Bellshill Salvation Army Band, and play in our Band (BSAB). So for us this year, restrictions have meant we’ve been unable to play together as a band so it was no surprise to us that there was no Remembrance Parade, and no service at the cenotaph in Bellshill this year.

Our corps did mark Remembrance Sunday in our online worship, and our mission secretary did lay a wreath of remembrance on behalf of the corps at the cenotaph this morning, to show our support.

There are obviously more than just Salvation Army bands that have had a different Remembrance Sunday today, as so many join together the world over to remember those who gave the ultimate sacrifice of their lives, for our freedom.

It may have been a difference Remembrance Sunday for many today, but we still remember them.

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