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As many of you will be aware I’ve been off work on sick leave for a number of weeks. As I’ve been unable to do very much I’ve found myself watching TV programmes which I wouldn’t normally watch. What I’ve noticed though in the last two or three weeks is that the focus of the adverts in between programmes has changed – Not only it is now adverts about Christmas, Black Friday deals and bargains but nearly every second advert is one highlighting either people or animals in need of our help by giving a donation to their charity.

While I understand that charities need the public to donate to them so they can continue their work, but really, does there need to be quite so many of these adverts on all day, it really is very depressing. Please don’t think I don’t care about these charities, as that’s not the case – it’s depressing for two reasons:

  • No matter how much I may want to give to each and every charity, there’s no way I can support them all, but they all have an uncanny way of making me feel guilty if I don’t donate!
  • The adverts highlight just how much need there is in this world, and how many awful people there are who are cruel or abusive to people and animals.

Each of these adverts show shocking images of children, adults and animals who’ve been abused or neglected – All designed to pull at our heart-strings and persuade us to donate to their cause. How I wish this world was a better place where no one is abused, homeless, alone, or hungry.

So while these charity adverts are a hard watch, and make me feel guilty, it does remind me of all those who are far less fortunate than I am.

If each of us could give what we can to the charities/causes that we feel are most in need of our help, we can make a difference, and help make this world a better place.

clockEver find that you are too busy to spend some quiet time with God?

Why do we not have time for God?

Could it be because we’re too busy doing our own thing rather than doing what God wants us to do? Could it be we make so much “noise” doing our own thing that we can’t hear God talking to us?

Our friends wouldn’t be too happy if we always expected them to be there for us, but we were never there for them in return. God is no different in that He wants us to spend time with Him, listening to Him, just as we expect Him to be there for us when we need Him.

So don’t be too busy to talk to God, and more importantly, don’t be so busy that you stop listening to what God is saying to you.



bbc test card

So you’re now either saying, “Oh yeah, I remember that” or “What on earth is that?!”

Well, for those of you who don’t know, this is the BBC test card which used to be displayed on BBC TV stations at times when no programmes were being broadcast…yes, there used to be a time when there wasn’t programmes on every television station 24 hours a day!

For many of us this was the image synonymous with the BBC during our childhood years!

So why am I mentioning this today, well in thinking about how TV used to “closedown” overnight every night, it reminded me that God is never unavailable to us. i.e. No matter that the time, day or night, God is there for us.

It’s been a sad day today, as we said a final farewell to be Dad, Edwin (Eddie) Robert Johnson (25/04/1927 – 21/02/2013).

Dad at our wedding

My intention had been to write a tribute to my Dad today, but I’m afraid it’s just too soon for me to be able to write anything that would do my Dad justice, so I’ll save my thoughts for another day once Mum, Sandy and me get back to some kind of normality.

So today, I simply want to express my gratitude to everyone who has offered support and love to us during these difficult days either by phoned, in person or have sent us cards. You will never now how much your support has meant to us all.

To those of you who have helped us get everything sorted out for the funeral today and helped with the funeral itself, a huge thank you.

To the many of you who shared with us today at the crematorium and then afterwards at the hotel, thank you for taking the time to support us on this most difficult of days, again it was very much appreciated by us. I’m sure my Dad would have been embarrassed by all that has been said about him today and also by the number of you who attended his funeral, but as far as I’m concerned, it simply shows the huge impact and influence my Dad had on so many lives.

I miss you Dad, but I will never ever forget you.

Rest in peace Dad xxx

Just for you Dad, one of your favourite jazz musicians, Tommy Dorsey, playing I’m Getting Sentimental Over You:

Yesterday while watching the TV a certain advert came on, one that says

Impossible…is 2 letters too long

This got me thinking about what we can and can’t achieve when wee have God in our lives…the answer of course being we can achieve anything when we have God by our side. I.e. in life, when we give our life to God, impossible is a word that is 2 letters too long!

Matthew 19:26 (NLT)

Jesus looked at them intently and said, “Humanly speaking, it is impossible. But with God everything is possible.”

You’re all alone
Running out of ways to
Hold on to hope
And it always slips away
You’re all alone
But you don’t have to
Pretend to cope
There is a brighter way

Do the words of this song, ring true with you…Are you running out of ways to hold onto hope?

Don’t despair, there is still hope…there’s God!

As I said in yesterday’s blog post, you are Never Alone, because God is with you always. Therefore don’t feel alone, turn around and see God walking beside you.

It’s good to know that you don’t need to struggle through life on your own. That even during your darkest of times, God will stay by your side and will carry you through…

He is my strength and He carries when I have no strength left.

Thank you God.

Have you ever felt like a lost cause?

Have you ever felt that someone you know and love is a lost cause?

Dont despair, there are no lost causes in God‘s eyes only unsaved ones!

With God, all things are possible so never think anyone is a lost cause, simply keep on believing and praying for the “lost cause” and God will answer your prayers. Just remember not to be impatient with God when He doesn’t answer your prayers as quickly as you’d like, or in the way you’d like, because God has a plan for everyone’s life and will answer your prayers in the way He knows is best.

Trust God and believe because in God’s eyes no-one is a lost cause.

What is your most embarrassing moment?

I can think of one or two and I’m sure there are plenty of others, however there is one particular moment which I find still haunts me to this moment.

Of all the daft things I’ve done in my time, I’m not sure why this particular moment sticks out in my memory more than any other.

So first let me build you a picture of the time and situation…I was probably about 19 or 20, so it was a few years ago! It was a Sunday morning and as usual my dad gave me a lift to our Sunday morning meeting…at this time my mum had stopped attending the salvation army for a short time, my dad never attended but still willingly gave me a lift to the hall.

At this particular time I was still attending Rutherglen salvation army however it was while our new hall was being built so we shared church halls with one of our local churches.

At this time I was had been a senior soldier in the salvation army for a year or two, and at that time we were wearing the older style uniform which meant that yes, I was one of those ones who wore the funny hat which we called a bonnet!

…and that’s where my embarrassment started!

Those bonnets had a couple of bows at the side which in order to keep them from getting squashed or flattened when stored, we used to keep rolled up tissue paper in them.

Have you guessed where I’m going with this yet?

Well this particular Sunday morning I remember I was running a little later so was rushing to get ready and get to the hall in time, so I forgot to take the white tissue paper out of the bows in my bonnet!!!

Well fortunately for me I didn’t get too far into the hall before someone told me what I’d done. That didn’t stop my embarrassment of course as I still felt everyone had seen me and everyone was laughing at me…

So there you go that’s my most embarrassing moment. I know it’s maybe no that bad but it was for me, and I still feel mortified by it! I guess that says more about me than about what happened. I’ve always felt as tho I’ve struggled to be accepted and doing stupid things such as this just highlighted that I was (and still am) a quiet n shy individual and gave more reason for others to ridicule me unnecessarily just because I was being me!

Maybe this story explains one of the reasons I was never a great fan of the bonnet, and am so happy we now only wear our bowlers when we’re outside or at funerals!

In Tuesday’s blog post I listed a few possible adverting slogans God might use if He was to create TV adverts. However God has no need to create TV adverts, because He is already the worlds biggest and most prolific advertiser in the world!

Confused? Well don’t be, think about it, look around yourself and consider who created everything you see…God!

Yes, God’s creation is the biggest and most spectacular, no-budget, clearest advertisement for Him the world will ever see. However, despite all we see around us that God created, and His message in the bible, many people still misinterpret His message – some deliberately, others through ignorance.

The most important part of God’s creation is of course the people, you and me! That therefore that makes each of us living adverts of God’s creation. Yes, some of us will be good adverts for God, while some of us will be bad adverts. Which are you?

Romans 1:20 (NLT)

For ever since the world was created, people have seen the earth and sky. Through everything God made, they can clearly see his invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature. So they have no excuse for not knowing God.

So it’s down to us to advertise God’s message to the world and when we encounter people misinterpret God’s message we must do what Barnabas, Paul, and countless others have done through the years, we must tell them the correct message!

Let’s make sure the people we meet during our lives are left with no excuses for not knowing God, by constantly and confidently advertise the facts about God and about His creation.