How many times in your life have you been let down by a friend?

How many times in your life have you been deeply hurt by something that a friend has said or done?

I’m sure if your honest you, like me will be thinking about a number of occasions that answers my questions. Friendship is something we all want and need in our lives, but often friends can let us down and we end up being hurt.

So cherish your friendships, work on them, make them everlasting.

There is however one friendship which we can always rely on to last forever, and that is our friendship with God. Like our other friendships though, we must work on this relationship too, so that it grows in strength, so it will be unbreakable…make it an everlasting friendship.

Everlasting (by Sonicflood)
The sky will fall
The ground will give
Through it all You will be faithful
Friends may leave
They come and go
This I know
You will be faithful
You will be faithful

You will always be the same
Your love will never change
You are the everlasting
I will put my trust in You
Forever to be true
You are the everlasting
You are the everlasting

When beauty fades
And slips away
For all my days
You will be faithful
When I breathe
My final breath
I find my rest in Your faithfulness

When all around us
Is falling into waste
When the earth is dying
You cannot be erased
And I don’t have to be afraid

You’re the Alpha and Omega
You’re forever, everlasting

Visit Sonicflood’s website: http://www.sonicflood.com/

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