Love of Family

August is month full of lots of family birthdays as well as our wedding anniversary (see yesterday’s clog post called Love). So today was one of my cousin’s 50th birthday!

So this afternoon I got a phone call at work to see whether Sandy and I wanted to go out for dinner with my cousin and all the rest of our family. Unfortunately Sandy did not feel up to going out tonight so I went along without him.

We all went for a lovely Chinese and a good old blether which was good as we don’t see each other all that much. It also got to see my cousins grandchild for the first time too, so that was good.

All in all it was a good night with my family, even though Sandy wasn’t with us.

Today I’d just like to say thank you to God once again for my family and the love they’ve all shown me over the years.

I pray too for those estranged from their family, and ask that reconciliation may be found so that they might all become one again. For those with no family, I pray they find someone special to them who they can share their lie with.

Thank you God for the love of family.

I’ve chosen the same song as yesterday to conclude, but make no apology for it as it is a song full of powerful words…The Power of Your Love, this time by Rebecca St James:

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