How many times have you asked youself Why or “why do so many things go wrong for me”?, Why do bad things always seem to happen to good people?

You’re not the first and I’m certain you will definitely not be the last person to ask those questions. The bible tells us in Habakkuk 1:2-4
The problem as God gave Habakkuk to see it: God, how long do I have to cry out for help before you listen? How many times do I have to yell, “Help! Murder! Police!” before you come to the rescue? Why do you force me to look at evil, stare trouble in the face day after day? Anarchy and violence break out, quarrels and fights all over the place. Law and order fall to pieces. Justice is a joke. The wicked have the righteous hamstrung and stand justice on its head.

Don’t think that just because you’ve accepted God into your heart, that you will not experience things of sadness or depression or “dark times”. Accepting God into your life simply means that when the dark times come in your life, you can confident that God will be by your side and will be your strength and comfort during these times.

So when your struggling with what life has thrown your way, rely and God, pray to Him to give you strength and direction to get your through. But always remember, just because you ask God for answers, He may not give you the answer that you wanted to hear, but don’t despair, keep your eyes focused on God and He will help you find your way through the dark clouds that surround you.

Out of the Darkness by Tim Hughes
I could live a thousand years
Never earn a moment of your grace
Even in my darkest day
You shine on me
You shine on me

And out of the Darkness
You brought me into your glorious light
Saved from the death i was facing
Rejoicing in the future, a hope that is mine

The greatest of all gifts
From the greatest of all givers
Jesus there upon the cross
True love displayed for all to see

And your grace runs after me
Runs after me
Everyday of my life
And Your mercies they never fail
They never fail
Everyday of my life

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