Fantasy or Faith?

When things are going wrong in our life, and everything seems bleak, God alone can help us.

When bad health is something we have to face on a daily basis, God is the one who can give us the strength to face the day.

When we’ve no money in the bank and you don’t know where your next meal is going to come from, only God can help.

God is enough to help us in all situations we find ourselves.

We can become frustrated when bad things happen to us, but when we start to fantasize we’re move further away from reality and fact. i.e. If we fantasise that good health alone will bring us happiness, or when we have a big house, a holiday or we win the lottery that will be the key to eternal happiness. But all these things are fantasy.

The answer to fantasy is faith. Faith will chase our frustrations away and give us the strength to live well, even if that means with little earthly value to our name. Faith reminds us that we have a heavenly bank account and that is one which cannot contain our earthly possessions but simply our spiritual wealth.

God will make help you through your situation, whatever it is, so be joyful in God’s love and He will get you over the mountains of frustrations that face you.

This is not the best recording but I hope you can make out the message – There’s Never Been a Mountain by Derby Central Songsters:

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