Best Friend

Do you have someone you consider to be your “best friend”?

I’m sure we’ve all at some stage in our lives, had someone we’ve considered to our closest or best friend. Let me ask you this, what made you consider that person to be your “best friend”, to be a better friend than any other?

In my blog post on the 12th of February 2010, entitled Bad Day, I spoke of my disappointment and upset due to my feeling of lack of friendship/care from people I considered friends. I also spoke in that blog post of my continued belief that God and Jesus are the only true friends we will ever have.

Having just struggled through another day when I’ve felt very low and emotional and found myself focusing in on the negatives in my life, I got home tonight and while waiting for the dinner to cook I put on my ipod to listen to some music just to try and take my mind off today. Well I put my ipod on and having no specific music I wanted to listen to, put it on shuffle – I truly believe God had a hand in the first song that was played…

I hope you enjoyed My Best Friend by Twila Paris. It’s a very simple song, but one which really brought home to me today how much I need to put my trust in my best friend, Jesus, to help me on a daily basis.

I trust that as you read the words below of this song by Twila Paris, you will acknowledge Jesus as your own Best Friend, and trust Him to help you in the days ahead.

My Best Friend by Twila Paris
Jesus is my best friend
I will always go to Him
Tell Him everything I’ve thinking of
My friend Jesus whom I love

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