Bad Day

Yet again I find myself being upset by lack of friendship/care from people I thought were friends. I’m beginning to think it must be me that make people turn their back on me, and that just upsets me more.

Am I expecting too much?

If you’ve not been well for a while and haven’t seen someone you thought was a friend for several months because of that, is it expecting too much for them to ask how you are when you meet them?

Then there’s is Facebook…I sent “Friend” requests to several people I’ve known for years and considered to be friends, only to be surprised to find they’d obviously rejected my friend request. You know who you are so if you are reading this I’d just like to point out people can tell when you’ve rejected their friendship requests because they get the option to submit a Friend request again!

Hurtful and upsetting!

That on top of being in pain today and finding Mum struggling to cope with the health situations with both my Dad and my Aunt, has just made today a particularly low day for me. I just don’t know what else I can do…

I keep trying to remind myself that no matter how I’m treated by friends here on earth, I can always rely on God’s friendship – he is the one and only person who will never let me down or hurt me.

Enjoy listening to this reminder from Twila Paris called Faithful Father (just click on the audio link below):

Faithful Father by Twila Paris

Once in a while my heart gets lonely
Once in a while the night is blue
Time and again. You are the only One
I can hold on to
There never is a moment when
You leave my side
I felt Your arms around me
Every time I cried
All my life

You have been a faithful Father
I believe Your word is true
You have been a faithful Father
I will follow you

There was a fear inside my anger
I wasn’t sure You were there
Great love would prove
You are the answer to
Any honest prayer
The vessel that is empty
You will come and fill
You promise to complete me and
I know you will
I know you will

Wherever You lead me
You the passion that freed me
You whenever You call
Whatever You say

Once in a while my heart gets lonely
Once in a while the night is blue
Time and again You are the only One

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