Make A Difference

I was at the hairdressers yesterday, and as usual in between the different stages of getting my hair done, I had to wait for a wee while before it was time for the next stage to begin. This got me thinking about all the times in our life we spend waiting around for one thing or another – waiting for others to arrive, waiting for results of exams, waiting in anticipation of a forthcoming event, waiting for a hospital appointment, waiting for a kettle to boil, waiting for a print to be produced on a printer, waiting for a meeting to start etc.

How much time do you think you spend on average each week just waiting? I’m guessing you’ll be surprised when you add up all your “waiting times”.

Then there are all the events and situations in the world around us that we all wish would be resolved…we all talk about them and we all wish for peace, an end to starvation. an end to cruelty, an end to war…and so the list of things goes on.

But rather than waiting around just complaining and talking about how we wish this world of ours was better, we must move ourselves into action because we can make a difference!

So how can you or I make a difference? We can donate money to the charities helping those in need, or we could give some of our time to help people less fortunate than ourselves, but the biggest way we can help is by praying. If we all pray, and continue to pray and encourage others to pray, we can make a difference.

Here is Jaci Velasquez singing We Can Make A Difference:

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