What a Week

What kind of week have you had?

My week has felt very long indeed. I was only in my office on Monday and Tuesday and then have spent the last few days visiting a number of office throughout North Lanarkshire to carry out some setup work and then train folk on how to use their new IT system.

The week started with a full day’s seminar/overview of some new software we are planning to use in the coming weeks/months, so that was quite a long day. Then on Tuesday I spent in my own office at my own desk getting on with my work. And that was when normality ended this week!

Yesterday morning I spent over 3 hours travelling to one of our offices…an journey that should have taken me about 45-50 minutes!!!  Fortunately I had less problems on my journey home as it only took me an hour.

On Wednesday after doing installs and training all day I spent the evening at one of our other offices while engineers installed some hardware – Boy was that a long day as I didn’t get home until after 9pm! I don’t think I’ve recovered from that long day yet.

Funny how the best laid plans for this week ended up totally inadequate due to unforseen circumstances – why do things like that happen, no matter how much we plan?

There’s only one person who’s plans once made, never change, and that’s God’s – He plans every breathe we take, every thought we have, every word we say and every action we take…however it’s up to us to do them. If we stray from God’s plan for our life, we will never find true happiness in our life. Put your life fully in God’s hands today, and He will bring you true happiness, forever.

I hope you enjoy There Is A Plan by Twila Paris:

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