I’ve heard it said many times that when we sleep we always dream…so how come we often have no memory of what we’ve dreamed about?

I woke up this morning remembering exactly what I’d been dreaming about, and it seemed to have been a very long and strange dream: One of my family had died unexpectedly and we were at the Salvation Army hall in Rutherglen for the funeral service…this was particularly odd as the family member in question doesn’t even attend the Salvation Army and it’s not even the Rutherglen Salvation Army I go to anymore it’s Bellshill! The other very strange thing I remember about the dream was that the majority people who were there were folk I’ve not seen in years as they were people I grew up with at Rutherglen Salvation Army and who have left the Salvation Army!

I told you I had I strange dream last night!

Why is it some times we have dreams where we wake up frightened of something, but we’re never quite able to put our finger on what caused that fear?

A number of years ago I did read up a bit on dreams as it always fascinated me why we dream about certain things, particularly when they are about places and people that are not part of our lives anymore. As it was a number of years ago I don’t really remember much of what it said now, but it does still intrigue me the strange things we dream about when our body’s are sleeping.

Having started thinking about dreams and what they mean, I had a quick look on the internet to see what I could find – So if you’re interested in finding out a bit more about dream, checkout the Dream Moods site.

Bellshill Salvation Army Band play Any Dream Will Do:

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