God In My Dreams?

I love the song Do you Dream of Me? which I’ve heard sung by several artists including Across the Sky and Michael W Smith. After having a look on YouTube, I’ve found a wonderful video presentation of this song being performed by Michael W Smith:

Wonderful love song about our relationship with God. So I have to ask you, do you dream about your relationship with God?

Personally I’ve found when I’m struggling with something it often find it ends up in my dreams in some form or another. I also find that afterwards when I wake up I’ve often got a new perspective on that problem…could it be God is directing me even when I’m sleeping? Of course He is!

Why wouldn’t God be part of my dreams? God it part of my life and I try daily to make Him part of all I do each day, so there’s no reason why He shouldn’t be part of my dreams too! And why shouldn’t He also use them to speak to me/direct me!

God IS amazing!

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