A Year Ago Today…

A year ago today I started my journey into the world of blogging. originally my blog was on Blogger however at the start of this year I moved over to WordPress to take advantage of some of the additional features here – I hope you think it’s been worth the move, ’cause I do!

So am I still enjoying blogging? – Yes! I wouldn’t continue to do it if I didn’t! I originally started blogging because I felt that was where God was wanting me to focus my attention, and I’m still sure that’s what God wants me to do, so I shall continue to blog!

When I started blogging I never intended to blog every day, and I certainly did not intend to blog about my faith most of the time – after all that’s something I always have found difficult to talk about or share with others – but somehow through God’s leading I’ve found myself blogging every day and nearly always about me faith and my belief than about anything else – That really has surprised me.

I must admit to not always finding it easy to find something to blog about, but as you will have noticed I’ve always found something to say eventually! Once again I put that down to God – He’s given me the direction I needed to say what He wants me to say.

I’ve gone through some highs and lows, some sad and some happy times during the last year, but I hope and pray that through whatever I’ve blogged about it’s got you thinking, and hopefully got you thinking more about God and your relationship with Him – It certainly has made me look inside myself more closely at times, as well as re-evaluate how important God is to me.

I mentioned earlier that I don’t always blog about my faith or beliefs, but personally I think that’s good, as it keeps us all on our toes not quite knowing what I’m going to blog about next! After all I am human so have plenty of other interests other than my faith!

Favourite Post?

I think my favour blog post over the last year is still my very first one, What Easter Means To Me – I know it was probably not the best written post or the deepest spiritual blog or biggest talking point, however as my first  post I found it very difficult to write as I didn’t really know what I was doing, or whether I was writing it in a way anyone would understand or want to read, but thanks to all the supportive comments I got from you guys, it encouraged me that I definitely was doing the right thing.

Most Emotional Post?

 I can’t choose between two post:

The first one was posted on the 3rd or May 2009 and was entitled An Emotional Day, which just about sums up the contents of that post! One of my worst nightmares is to fall apart emotionally in public, and that’s exactly what happened to me on that Sunday morning during our service at Bellshill Salvation Army. I was a tough day for me, and was very difficult for me to write about how I felt too – it still scares me rereading it today!

The second was on 5th October 2009, and was entitled Peterborough Weekend. Strangely enough it was all about a weekend visit to Peterborough Salvation Army. It was an emotional weekend for me as it was the first time in a number of years I’d felt well enough to go away for a weekend with our band (Bellshill Salvation Army Band), but as this post discusses, the whole weekend ended up being very emotional for me, as did the writing of the post.

Thank You

I’ve just checked the number of hits on my original blog and on this one, and I’m astonished to find there have been over 5,600 hits on my blog – Wow!

I really just wanted to say a very very big thank you to all of you out there who have followed my blog, and also those of you who have just popped in once or twice because the title of my blog post caught your attention. Either way it means a lot to me that you guys want to read what I have to say.

Please continue to post comments as I like to know what you all think of my post, or other pages on my website, so feel free to comment.

Thank you all for your support.


    1. Thank you so much for your support, both with my blog and in prayer. I appreciate your support very much.
      Dot x

      P.S. I don’t expect folk to leave a comment all the time – tho I will admit it is good to get some feedback occassional 🙂


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