It’s Over

Why is it we spend so much time looking forward to holidays, or time of work and when they arrive, they’re over so very quickly? We’ve been off since Good Friday (2nd April) and go back to work tomorrow. 😦

Before our week off, we made a lot of plans of all the things round the house we were going to do while we were off. Would it surprise you if I told you we only did on of thing on that list! I don’t know why we bothered making a list because we never end up doing half the things we plan to when we’re off – How about you?

So we’ve been on holiday for over a week, but we weren’t away anywhere, we just had our holiday at home, so what did we do while we’ve been off? Well if I’m honest, not a lot…but it was great! Oh I got my hair cut, and took my Mum shopping, and we went to The Fort a couple of times, and cleared out our spare room (the one thing on our list that we actually did!), but other than that we just relaxed…bliss! Having said that the whole week was not bliss as I did have a few days when health-wise I wasn’t feeling too great again, but thankfully those days did not ruin our break.

I wish I didn’t need to go back to work tomorrow, although I think my bank manager may not be as happy about that, so I suppose I’m going to have too. Roll on my next holiday…whenever that may be!

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