Ever had one of those days when everything that happens just completely demotivates you to put any effort in?

Well today I had one of those days…it started badly when my hairdryer gave up on me first thing this morning. Then this morning at work there was a meeting to discuss the work our team would be doing over the next few months – I was given the news after the meeting by my boss. For those of you who follow me on Twitter, you’ll no doubt have seen my tweet from earlier today, that the project I’ve been working on for the last 14 months has basically been put on hold for a number of months.

So demotivating! After all the hard work and effort put in by myself and colleagues in the last year or so, to basically be told it’s all been for nothing, just makes me wonder why I bother putting in the effort i do to get my work done. But then I know the answer to that…I’m not the kind of person stops working hard because it don’t matter anymore. If anything it probably makes me even more determined to do well…mind you that’s probably so I don’t let myself start on the downward spiral of feeling useless and unneeded at work, again!

After all that I was at meeting this afternoon which was very negative and again I just found it very demotivating. What makes it worse is I have a meeting tomorrow morning which will probably be more of the same! Something to look forward to…not!

If work carries on like this this week I’m going to have demotivation overload, which definitely can’t be good.


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