Health Service

We hear so many people moaning and groaning about the health service and all the things that are wrong with it…but what about the things that are right with it?

I am in no way saying I think our health service is perfect or in some cases even good, because that just isn’t true, but I would like to say some positive things about it, so here goes…

Over the last few years I spent a lot of time at hospitals being tested for one thing or another, and then after diagnosis, many two operations and many subsequent appointments to check progress. Added to that this year I’ve also been at the hospital with my Dad and also my husband on various occasions. I must admit that those who have actually treated each of us have been very professional and particularly in my own case, very understanding and caring too. All of which are just the things you want when your feeling worried and concerned and maybe a bit nervous about what’s going to happen.

Again in my own situation there were a number of times when i waited and waited for things to move on at the hospital or get a date for surgery, or even just an update, but I must sing the praises of my own GP who did a fantastic job phoning and chasing the hospital. Also in Sandy’s case after basically being dismissed from one hospital who said they couldn’t help, she again got that sorted out, by getting him refered to another hospital to see a specialist there.

So yes there are problems with our health system, but there are some fantastic patient focused doctors and nurses out there too, who will do anything they can to help their patients – we must appreciate what we have, as so many countries have no health service at all.


  1. Yeah, the NHS is the envy of many other places in the world. I know that my dad i really appreciative of it just now.

    We have a publicly-funded health-care system in Canada, but also have to have separate health plan to cover things not covered by the system (some dental, eye-care, some medications and drugs). A lot of companies offer their employees benefit packages, which often become bargaining chips come the time of contract negotiations.

    Publicly-funded coverage can differ from province to province, which can make things more confusing.It’s not perfect, but it is better than our neighbours to the south.


  2. Thanks for your comments – It’s good to hear how these things work (or not) elsewhere. It also maybe makes us more appreciative of the NHS we have here.
    Thanks for the reminder


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