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So tomorrow is February, and as the title of this blog post suggests, it’s a month I wish I could just miss out completely. To be honest it’s been a month that I haven’t looked forward to for a number of years now, but after last year, it’s now a month I just want to completely forget about.

Why does February make me feel like this?

Sad-memory21 years ago this February, my husband’s sister died – We weren’t married at the time. February would also have been her birthday, and this year  she would have been 50.

11 years ago this February my mother in law suffered her 2nd stroke and spent much of February that year in hospital before passing away on the 2nd March. February would also have been her birthday, and this year she would have been 80.

Last year my Dad was admitted to hospital on 4th January and on 1st February we were told there was nothing more they could do for Dad. On the 4th February Dad was transferred from hospital back to his nursing home on end of life care. He died several weeks later on 21st February and his funeral was on 27th February.

As you can see February holds lots of sad memories for me, and this year will be particularly difficult as it is the first anniversary of my Dad’s death. So if it’s possible, can I just miss out February this year please?


…2013 seems to be bringing more of the same for me so far. 😦

Firstly, I thought as it was the start of a new year, a time for new beginnings, I would once again make the first move to try to reconcile with brokenfriendshipseveral people who were once very close friends and confidants, but sadly for various reasons those relationships have broken down to such an extent in the last few years that not only to these folk ignore me and sometimes my husband too, but are often downright rude and cruel towards us – I certainly did not think any broken relationship merited such awful treatment, especially from people who would openly tell you they are Christians!

To be honest, I wish I hadn’t bothered again (I’ve reached out several times before to these folk), because the various people concerned either completely ignored me again, or responded in an obnoxious manner questioning why I thought I “had the right to expect them to speak to me” – At no time did I ever tell anyone I expected them to speak to me, so I was deeply hurt again.

So much for new beginnings and putting the past behind us and moving on!

I do wonder what kind of Christian does that make these folk? I’m definitely not saying I’m perfect, far from it, but I’ve felt right from the time these folk started to ignore us that things were taken out of context and exaggerated out of all proportion, and surely as Christians we should be able to rise above these disagreements, put them aside, forgive and move on…sadly not all seem to agree with me.

Secondly, health concerns for my hubby started again on New Year‘s Day again as we had to postpone our new year’s day dinner with my Mum as hubby wasn’t well enough to leave the house.

Thirdly, my own health problems seem to have peaked again since last Wednesday/Thursday although I think some of this may be down to all the other issues that have arisen since the start of the year!

hospital2Lastly, my Dad’s health has deteriorated considerably in the last week and a half as although he was previously sitting with his eyes closed all the time, he was at least responding to us when we spoke to him and was opening his eyes. However it got to the stage where he was no longer opening his eyes at all or speaking to us at all and he was also refusing to eat, drink or take any of his medication. So much so that last Friday he was admitted to hospital because he was badly dehydrated – That was a long day in itself, as the GP saw him about 3.45pm and decided he should go to hospital, although we later discovered he hadn’t bothered to order the ambulance until 5.30pm!

Meanwhile Mum and me waited at the nursing home with Dad for the ambulance as Mum was keen to ensure Dad got settled ok at hospital. What a long wait that ended up being…the ambulance didn’t turn up at the nursing home until almost 11pm. It was then about 12.20am before the doctor first spoke to us at the hospital and then about 2.40am before Dad finally got settled into a ward. By the time I dropped Mum back home and got myself home it was about 3.30am!

It turned out Dad has a chest infection and id apparently can often cause added confusion for dementia sufferers and cause then to be more sleepy and less willing to eat/drink than normal. Dad’s now being treated in hospital for his chest infection and he is beginning to become a little it more responsive when we speak to him  (not that much of what he says makes any sense), so hopefully he’ll get back to being able (and willing) to eat and drink by himself again soon.

So we’re only 8 days into 2013, but already I’d say I’m really not liking this year so far. So one thing is for certain, 2013 can really only get better, can’t it?!

At the start of this year, I shared with you my aims for this year (Welcome to 2012) – not my new year resolutions, but what I aim to achieve this year. Then at the end of each month this year, I’ve given you an update on how I’m doing. So here’s my latest update for October…

  • Eat healthier
    • An improvement this month on the last couple of months, as not only have I’ve done reasonably ok with this one when I’ve been working, but also done not too badly the rest of the time too!
    • Been drinking a lot of water at work, but haven’t managed to eat quite as much fruit in the last month.
    • For some of this month I was still going to the hospital to visit Dad, so had to have a few quick/ready meals for dinner as I was so tired by the time I got home from the hospital.
    • Fortunately Dad’s now out of hospital so for the last couple of weeks my eating has been much healthier at home!
  • Lose some weight
    • Small loss this month for the first time in a couple of months – it was only a pound, but at least I’m back to losing some weight again!
    • Hopefully now I don’t have hospital visiting to do every day, I can get back on track with my healthy eating both at work and at home.
  • Spend more time reading my bible
    • Yet more excuses this month I’m afraid!
    • I’m still  struggling to find the time and energy to sit down and spend any quality time reading my bible.
    • I’ve said this for the last few months, but maybe next month I’ll manage it!
  • Don’t let pain rule my life
    • My pain levels have continued to be quite high this month, but I’m still just trying to get on with things as best I can.
    • Again I feel as though I’m making excuses, but I’m simply just saying how things are because of 12 weeks of hospital visiting I was doing while Dad was in hospital, and although he’s now out of hospital it’s taking me a while to try to get some energy back, soit’s hardly surprising my pain levels have remained high.
  • Get back to playing tennis as stopped playing in 2003 when I first wasn’t well
    • Not managed this yet as there’s been too many more important things to deal with in my life in this last month again.
  • Put aside a minimum of 5 minutes each day to spend some quiet-time with God
    • A repeat of last few months again as I managed to spend some quiet time with God, however still spending much of it crying.
  • Get back to playing the piano regularly as it’s been a while
    • Continuing to make no progress with this one!
  • Go on holiday – we’ve not been away anywhere since 2002
    • Again, no progress on this one!
  • Keep on top of the housework (especially the ironing mountain!)
    • Still failing miserably at this one due to all the things going on in my life just now.
  • More patience and understanding of others
    • Still finding this incredibly difficult!
    • I keep telling myself I must not get impatient with others, but when it comes to it, I fail miserably…much more praying for patience is required!
  • Stop procrastinating
    • Still doing ok with this most of the time, but ye, I do still have my moments!

So that’s my honest answers to how I’m getting on with my aims for 2012 – To summarise my progress to date…it’s stalled a bit in the last few months, but overall, given recent circumstances, I’m reasonably happy with my progress even though I could do so much better!

There’s still plenty of months to go in 2012, so I’ve still got time to achieve them all before the end of this year!

How about you, are you succeeding with your aims for 2012 so far?

Whatever your aims for this year, I pray you may be making progress in your aims for 2012, and that come the end of the year you will have achieved all God had planned for you this year!

Ten weeks ago today I was at work when I got a phone call from my Mum to tell me Dad was being taken into hospital because he was dehydrated, as he was refusing to eat or drink very much. Ten weeks on and Dad’s still in hospital.

Dad’s been in I think, 5 different wards over that period, albeit the last two have been because he climbed out of bed a couple of weeks after he went into hospital, fell, hit his head and gave himself a cracker of a black eye, as well as fracturing his hip! This resulted in him having to be moved to another ward as he had to have an operation to fix his broken hip. He’s now in the hip fracture rehabilitation ward where he’s doing ok as far as his hip is concerned.

Initially when Dad went into hospital we were over there every day visiting him, which was very hard work for me with working full-time and then going straight from there to the hospital and not getting home until 8 or 9pm at night. Fortunately after a few weeks of this Mum realised this was too much for both of us, so we now just visit Dad every couple of days.

I know Mum wishes she could visit Dad every day, but to be honest, due to Dad’s dementia, he has no concept of how frequently or infrequently we visit, and in fact during many of our visits, refuses to speak to us or even open his eyes, as he’s happy to sleep all the time. Mum misses Dad greatly, which is only natural after more than 55 years of marriage, however Mum was no longer coping with Dad at home and we had already started proceedings to get Dad into a nursing home full-time, so Dad not being at home anymore, was always going to happen soon anyway, it’s just hospital he’s ended up in initially.

Even although it’s my Dad we’re visiting, I’m sorry to say I find it quite a chore. Don’t think it’s because I don;t love my Dad because I do, but as far as I’m concerned my Dad “died” a few years ago when his dementia meant he didn’t know me any more and he could no longer have a sensible conversation with us. Much of the time when we visit Dad he just sleeps, or sit/lies with his eyes shut unwilling to talk  or look at us. Mum is still making comments to Dad as if he’s going to get better and as if he can logically understand where he is and why. It’s sad but also frustrating.

I’m physically and emotionally shattered most of the time these days as it’s hard work working full-time and then spending time visiting someone in hospital and just sitting there for an hour or more without being able to have a conversation with them.

I feel really guilty for feeling like this, after all, it is my Dad I’m talking about, but sadly Dad isn’t going to get any better, so it’s only going to get harder.

Hopefully Dad will not be in hospital too much longer. Although he will never be home again, as he will only be discharged from hospital when he’s able to go straight into the nursing home which is just a few minutes away from Mum. At least when this happens, Mum will be able to go visit Dad whenever she wants and as frequently as she wants, without necessarily needing me to give her a lift.

So 10 weeks and counting…it’s been a long 10 weeks, but at least we know Dad’s in good hands and getting the best possible medical care.

At the start of this year, I shared with you my aims for this year (Welcome to 2012) – not my new year resolutions, but what I aim to achieve this year. Then at the end of each month I’ve given you an update on how I’m doing.

So it’s now the end of August, which means it’s time for my next update…

  • Eat healthier
    • Fixed this last month. I’ve done fairly well when I’ve been working, but outside of work not so good.
    • While at work I’ve just been in my usual routine of eating a lot of fruit and drinking a lot of water, whereas dinner’s been a bit of a problem, mainly because I’ve been going to visit Dad in hospital and have been having some quick or ready meals for dinner when I’ve got home from the hospital because I’m so tired by the time I get home.
  • Lose some weight
    • Probably just as well the bathroom scales don’t seem to be working, as I suspect I’ll have put on a few pounds again.
    • As with the “eating healthier” task, it’s probably all down all the hospital visiting and quick ready meals I’ve been eating.
    • Maybe once Dad gets out of hospital I can get back to some kind of normality, but who knows when that’s going to be!
  • Spend more time reading my bible
    • I’m making excuses again! But I’m struggling to find the time and energy to sit down and spend any quality time reading my bible.
    • I said this last month, but maybe this next month I’ll manage it…I really need to organise myself better to read my bible at a point in the day before I become too tired…mind you some days I have no energy at the start of the day, nevermind by the end of it!
  • Don’t let pain rule my life
    • Still struggling quite a lot with pain levels this month and generally not feeling 100%.
    • I feel as though I’m making excuses, but it’s not intended to be that way, simply a statement of fact…that with all the running around I’ve been doing for over 6 weeks now since Dad went into hospital, it’s hardly surprising I’ve not felt great.
    • Mind you, it may have been a struggle physically as well as emotionally in this last month, but I’ve managed to keep going, much to my surprise at times.
  • Get back to playing tennis as stopped playing in 2003 when I first wasn’t well
    • Not managed this yet as there’s just been too many other more important things to bother about than playing tennis again.
    • Also as my pain levels were still so high it really would have been daft to even think about attempting to try to play tennis.
  • Put aside a minimum of 5 minutes each day to spend some quiet-time with God
    • A repeat of last month again as I managed to spend some quiet time with God, however much of it was spent crying.
    • Just like last month I’ve had to remind myself on a number of occasions that when things are bad, I need to turn to God rather than forget Him!
  • Get back to playing the piano regularly as it’s been a while
    • Continuing to make no progress with this one!
  • Go on holiday – we’ve not been away anywhere since 2002
    • Again, no progress on this one yet!
  • Keep on top of the housework (especially the ironing mountain!)
    • Still failing miserably at this one.
  • More patience and understanding of others
    • Failing miserably at this
    • I’m continuing to pray a lot for patience because I certainly need it!
  • Stop procrastinating
    • At last a task I’m actually doing ok at!
    • Mind you maybe that because I’ve had that many things to do, I’ve not really had any time to procrastinate!

So that’s my honest answers to how I’m getting on with my aims for 2012 – To summarise my progress to date…it’s stalled a bit in the last couple of months, but overall, given recent circumstances, I’m reasonably happy with my progress even though I could do much better!

There’s still plenty of months to go in 2012, so I’ve still got time to achieve them all before the end of this year!

How about you, are you succeeding with your aims for 2012 so far?

Whatever your aims for this year, I pray you may be making progress in your aims for 2012, and that come the end of the year you will have achieved all God had planned for you this year!

I’ve been finding things quite difficult in the last while, supporting Mum as she cared for Dad at home, and supporting hubby. It’s felt at times as if no-one has been there to support me as I continue to struggle both physically and emotionally.

As you’ll know if you read my blog post yesterday (Even The Simple Things Are Forgotten) my Dad was taken into hospital on Wednesday suffering from dehydration as he wouldn’t eat or drink anything. Having spent hours in the hospital on Wednesday with Dad waiting for him to be admitted and then transferred to a ward, I was physically exhausted and due to the stress and supporting Mum, emotionally exhausted too. Since then we’ve visited Dad each day in hospital and that in itself is tough as he is just lying in bed with his eyes shut unable or unwilling to do more than respond occasionally to things we say to him…he looks so frail and helpless.

The other week I was chatting to a friend and we were talking about all the things that are going on in my life at present, and they asked me how I able to keep going. My honest answer to that question was, “not very easily“! Yes, while I’m in public I do my best to be strong and look completely in control, but underneath I’m struggling to keep it together and be strong for everyone around me. It would be a little easier if I was at least feeling pain-free all the time, but having to deal with all the things going on with various members of my family, and support them, as well as coping with severe pain levels at times is incredibly tough.

As far as how I cope with the situation with Dad, I think my automatic coping mechanism of seeing the funny side of everything definitely kicks in. Dad’s dementia means he has often said and done things which are quite funny on one hand, but when I think about the person he used to be, are incredibly sad and heartbreaking. Whenever anyone asks about Dad I find myself almost smiling and joking about it all the time, simply because it’s how I keep myself together and don’t fall apart. So if you’ve spoken to me and thought I seemed to make light of Dad’s situation please realise it’s just the way I cope with it, as I am deeply upset and saddened by what has happened to him, and I certainly do not find it funny in any way.

So my assessment of how I’m coping with life at present is I’m Getting By.

I pray every day that God will continue to give me the strength and the words to continue to support and help Mum and hubby. It sometimes has felt as though I’m on my own in this, but my faith keep reminding me that I’m never alone, because no matter what I’m facing, God is with me, supporting me.

I pray that if you are simply “getting by” in life too, you will always remember that God is with you through it all.

I’ve said it before, but I make no apology for saying it again…dementia is a cruel illness.

As you’ll know if you’ve been following by blog posts for a wee while, my Dad suffers from vascular dementia and has been cared for at home by my Mum 24/7. However a few weeks ago we initiated the process with Social Work to get Dad into a nursing home full-time (you can read more about this in Time To Help…Please!).

Mum’s really been struggling to cope with caring for Dad full-time as he is now totally reliant on Mum to do everything for him…including the simple things we all do without thinking because they’re just straightforward basic tasks. For someone who has dementia, simple everyday tasks which we all normally do without thinking, become strange and alien to them. e.g. washing themself, dressing, feeding themself.

This last week my Dad would not eat or drink anything more than just a couple of mouthfuls of food or liquid, so on Wednesday Mum called in our GP, and he got Dad admitted to hospital as he was suffering from dehydration. While I’m sad my Dad’s ended up in hospital, it is the best place for him and for Mum, as it takes the pressure off Mum caring for him but also means he’s getting professional care. Having now had discussions with the doctor at the hospital and then with Dad’s social worker, it looks like Dad will now remain in hospital until there is free space for him at a local nursing home. That means Dad will now go straight into a nursing home from hospital…he will never be home again…

I’m fine about Dad going into a nursing home as he really needs the level of help they can offer him there, although when I think about the fact that Dad will probably never be home again I find that very upsetting. I try to remind myself though that while Dad is still alive, his body is still here, but the person who was my Dad really left a long time ago…

As far as Mum is concerned, she seems a bit more relaxed now as if a burden has been lifted from her. I know she still feels guilty about Dad going into care, however as hubby and me, Dad’s social worker and various others have said to her, it’s not that she’s failed Dad in any way, it’s simply that she’s done her best up to now caring for him, but he now needs more care than Mum is able to provide for him. When Dad was admitted to hospital on Wednesday Mum was fine about it as she realised it was what was best for Dad, and continued to be ok about it all until we went to visit Dad last night…

When we went into the ward to see Dad, he was lying on his bed slouched down with his head off his pillow, sleeping…he looked small and frail…and I think that was when it all hit Mum…she got quiet upset seeing Dad like that. Although he was actually a bit better last night than he’d been since he went into hospital as he actually answered us a few times when we spoke to him…not necessarily with comprehensible answers, but at least he answered us! Dad might have spoken to us tonight, but he didn’t know who Mum or I were, and no matter how long that has happened for I still find that sad and upsetting…though I can’t imagine how Mum must feel having been married to him for over 55 years!

Dementia is a cruel illness which robs the sufferer of their personality and leaves them almost like an empty body. I don’t think people really understand how dementia affects the sufferer and their family/friends until you’ve actually experienced it yourself…I hope you never will!

In conclusion, can I ask you to help me raise money for Alzheimer’s Scotland as they do a great job supporting and helping Alzheimer/dementia sufferers in Scotland.JustGiving - Sponsor me now!Thank you

Today’s been a bit of a rollercoaster for me from good news this morning to the frustrating in the afternoon.

Having been off work sick since the start of this year, I’ve been seeing my GP regularly to get a line to allow me to stay of work. I’ve also attended a number of hospital appointments for a number of tests to try to establish whether my illness needed further hospital treatment. So this morning I was back at my GP to see whether test results were back from the hospital and secondly whether she was happy for me to return to work.

To cut a long story short, no results were back from the hospital however as I was feeling better, my GP was happy for me to return to work on a phased return basis from a week on Monday (14th March). Getting no feedback from the hospital from cardiology is nothing new for us, as my GP has had to “chase things up” with them on countless occasions over the last few years. My GP told me she’d contact the Golden Jubilee Hospital and “chase thing up” again, and would let me know any news.

After my GP appointment I returned home after picking up a few messages, and I was glad I did as about a half hour after I got home my GP phoned me to say she’d been in touch with cardiology and that they were happy that my problems in the last couple of months are nothing sinister or related to my previous problems.

Yay! Not only was I fit enough to return to work soon, but the recent health problems are nothing to worry about. 🙂

So this morning was the high of my rollercoaster, now onto the low of this afternoon…

I’d a follow-up appointment at the hospital where I’d had a number of tests to try to establish the cause of my ongoing pain. But what a waste of time this turned out to be. Last time I saw the doctor there, they told me unless the next test they did showed any problems they wouldn’t see me again…but then after the test my GP was informed they wanted to see me again for further test, so we’d all thought they’d found the potential causes of my ongoing problems…how wrong that was!

I waited, and waited and then half an hour after my alloted appointment time, I was finally called by the doctor. We basically just went over all my history again, he then told me the previous tests hadn’t shown any major issues and that if some of the medication I’m already taking had made no difference, my ongoing pain was not being caused by anything their section could identify! Basically they still thing my ongoing issues are being caused by something relating to my previous cardiological problems…Cardiology say they’re happy all is OK! Meanwhile I’m stuck in the middle with ongoing pain issues.

I hadn’t realised how devastated I was by this news until I left the hospital to drive home and my tears started. I couldn’t even speak to hubby on the phone to let him know how I’d got on I was so upset.

My ongoing pain issues have been going on for a few years now with no-one yet able to identify the cause or find anything that relieves my pain, so I think understandably I feel that another door has been closed. It looks like cardiology is still my only hope to finally get to the bottom of why I’m still getting pain…I feel this could go on for some time yet!

Just to finish off my emotional drive home in the car, a song that has meant a lot to me over the last few years during some of my lowest times, came on my CD in the car…

Casting Crowns singing I’ll Praise You In This Storm

So we’re just about at the end of 2010, so today I’ve been having a wee think back over the last 12 months about my 2010, and how that would have been recorded in newspaper headlines…

Family Health Concerns Grow

For me this year has started badly when in January Dad fell in the snow/ice and hit his head of the pavement and ended up in hospital for several days. Although the fall didn’t in itself cause any major problems, it has seemed to Mum and I that this has speeded up the progression of my Dad’s dementia quite dramatically. Basically he’s got much much worse ever since January, so that now he only recognises Mum, hubby and me – anyone else including other relatives and longterm friends and neighbours, he doesn’t know. It’s very sad and also very difficult, particularly for Mum.

Earlier this year I was devastated when Mum told me that Dad that told her he didn’t think he had long to live. And to be honest this has haunted me ever since even though until yesterday, I don’t think Dad had said this for a few months. However just to finish of the year on a low note, Dad said this to Mum again yesterday.

The next casualty this year was my hubby who I had to take to the hospital on several separate occasions, one of which resulted in him being admitted to hospital for a number of days.

In July, just the week after my hubby had been in hospital, my Mum found her sister lying part way down her stairs one morning. To cut a long story short, my Aunt ended up in hospital for about 2 months. Mum and I then went to visit my Aunt at least once every couple of day for those 2 months…what a lot that took out of both Mum and me!

Finally my Aunt for discharged from hospital to a care home for respite care for 4 weeks, though we were hopeful she might decide to stay on at the care home as we weren’t comfortable with he living on her own anymore – particularly after discovering she’d given out a cheque for over £3,000 to a guy who came to her door and told her her roof needed replacing! We managed to get the cheque stopped, thankfully!

My Aunt has since decided to stay in the care home, although Mum and I are still looking after her house just now…and there’s another problem…

After the severe weather a few weeks ago, we discovered 3 burst pipes in my Aunt’s house, so I’ve had to go down there a number of times to lift lino/carpets and wait for the gas man to come and supposedly fix the heating – I say supposedly, because we are finding that the heating stays on for anything up to a few days, but then goes off again – So i’m going in every few days to check if the heating’s on and if not, reset it! Scottish Gas weren’t interested in sending someone out to us just now because of all the folk with no heating/water! Mum continues to try!

And then there was Christmas Day…we had booked Christmas dinner at one of our local hotels with my Mum and Dad. But as has happened this year, things didn’t go to plan…hubby was sick so couldn’t make dinner, and half way through dinner, Dad didn’t feel well. So Christmas Day was a bit of a low…although it was a fantastic day as far as presents were concerned!

The Uncertainty Continues

Then there’s the ongoing saga of my health…basically this year’s been much the same as the last few. i.e. Ongoing severe pain issues.

New and Old Friends Make My Year

So this year has obviously felt like there have been more lowlights than highlights, however as I take more time to consider events of this year I realise that though I may not have initially considered it a highlight, I now realise that I could not have got through this year without the support of many friends (and family members).

I don’t want to mention specific people as I’ll only miss someone out! So suffice to say that someone of those who have been most supportive to me are some new (and some old) friends I’ve got to know through Twitter and Facebook – you know who you are – All I want to say to you is a huge thank you for all the love, support and prayers you’ve given me (and my family) throughout this last year, I really have appreciated it greatly.

So there’s my year, how’s your 2010 been? I hope whatever you have faced this year you have had some highlights which you can cherish as memories for a long time.

…and finally

Just to finish off this year can I remind you not to ever underestimate how many blessings you receive and give out over  the period of a year. Many may seem very small and insignificant, however they may well have had a massive impact on the recipient – they may have meant the world to them!

So it’s Friday, I had the day off work, so you’d think I’d be having a nice relaxing and stress-free day. Far from it!

Today ended up being a very draining day, both physically and emotionally for me. Having already been struggling  physically since I got home from our band practice last night, I knew today was going to be a tough one. That said it ended up being a tough one for more reasons than I’d anticipated as added to the things I already knew were planned for today, both hubby and my Dad were not too good…again.

As some of you will know, one of my aunts has been in a care home for a few weeks for some respite care after being in hospital for over 2 months. Today was the date set to review my aunt’s situation, so my Mum hasn’t been looking forward to it, and has therefore has been getting quite stressed and upset by that (added to the situation with my Dad’s health).

As I thought might happen, Mum got upset during the review as my aunt got all emotional (as usual) as said she wanted to go home. That was really tough seeing those I always thought of as the “strong ones” in the family, so upset, and so it took every bit of strength I had to keep myself strong for their sake.

My aunt after initially wanting to go home, was then reminded what that would mean, so got very upset by it all. Thankfully though in the end, it all turned out ok as my aunt decided she wanted to remain the care home as we had all hoped she would. Though she did ask both Mum and me individually to reassure her that she was making the right decision.

Had my aunt decided she had wanted to go home again,she would have been on her own most of the day and all night with just a few carers coming in for a short period of time  each during the day. So as you can imagine, it was with a sense of relief and a feeling that a huge weight had been lifted, that we left the care home today – It was good to know my aunt would be safe and well looked after 24/7.

As I mentioned earlier this was a particularly stressful day, probably made worse because for the last few days I’d been thinking about today and contemplating what would happen. All this stress is something we as humans put ourselves through frequently, but often needlessly. As I reminded myself this morning before heading off to pick up my Mum and Dad, I really needed to “chill” and place all my stresses in God’s hands.

God can lift all our stresses from us and calm our hearts. He has already planned what will happen in every situation, so we must regularly remind ourselves to trust God, as He will do what is best for all of us, we just need to trust him.