Teach Me To Pray

Do you struggle to know what to say when you pray? It may surprise you now that, despite being a lifelong Christian, I too find it difficult to know what to say sometimes when I try to pray.

But there is hope for us all because even Jesus’ own disciples needed to ask Jesus to help them pray – How do I pray? they asked Jesus, “Lord teach us to pray”

There is no right or wrong way to pray because what works well for one person may not work for someone else. So heres a few of my thoughts you may find useful:

  • When we pray we come before God with the world on our hearts. We are also offering ourselves to be in some small way channels of love and peace in God’s world. 
  • God already knows what is in our hearts and minds. We can be honest with God, and say exactly how we feel, or even just sit in silence, because God still knows what’s in our heart.
  • It might help to find a quiet space. You may want to be on your own, but you may also find that it helps to join other people, who may be gathering to pray in local churches and elsewhere.  
  • You may find that you can say just what you want to, using your own words, but many people find it helpful to use written prayers.
  • Use a prayer diary to help focus you on those you people and situations who need your prayers.




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