The Wimbledon Factor

Up until a few years ago, I was a regular tennis player, playing 3-4 times every week at the tennis club just behind my Mum and Dad’s house. Now, although I’ve been unable to play tennis for a few years, I’m still a big tennis fan, and keep up to date on all the latest tennis news.

So we’re now into week two of Wimbledon 2010. We’ve had a chance to watch all the main competitors play 2 or 3 matches, but who’s going to win the men’s and women’s championships this year?

Men’s Singles

I’m a huge Nadal fan, but do I think he’s going to win this year? I’d love to say yes, but prior to today’s match he seemed to be struggling in his last few matches, going to 5 sets and having to call the trainer on a couple of times . However Nadal seems to be back at his best again today, winning in 3 straight sets. So I hope Nadal is feeling well again and is just reaching his top form at just the right time to win Wimbledon again – I’d love that!

If it’s not Nadal who wins, who else is capable of winning?

Well inevitably there’s Federer, who despite struggling in his opening match (and going to 5 sets), still looks capable of winning this tournament as he definitely has the “Wimbledon Factor” having won here so many times before.

Apart from Federer, I think Soderling has looked very good in his matches, until that is today when he got taken to 5 sets against Ferrer but that may be just the kind of game he needed to get himself geared up to winning his first Wimbledon. Whether Soderling goes all the way or not, I do think he may well have a big say in who eventually wins the championship.

And what about Andy Murray? For me, he’s not good enough to win Wimbledon…yet! However as a fellow Scot, I’d love to see him win, but my heart says it’s not going to happen this year.

Women’s Singles

I think the ladies singles is a bit more clear cut, with the Williams sisters looking far better than any of the other contenders. Personally I think Serena may just edge it, but I suspect it to be close between her and Venus to lift the trophy.

My outsider for the ladies championship is Kim Clijsters, who played really well today to beat her fellow Belgian, Henin, in 3 sets.

 Now It’s Over To You…

So there you go, there’s my predictions for this year’s Wimbledon championships. Do you agree with my predictions? If not, who do you think is going to win?


  1. Want Andy to win, but think Federer may pip him in the final in 5 sets.

    Not sure how the woman’s draw works out but can’t see past the williams sisters with Venus to win in her favorite tournament


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