Love Revealed

Do you remember how God first showed you how much He loves you?

Do you remember how God showed the world just how much He loves us all?

Here’s a nice poem which reminds us all just how much we mean to God – enjoy!

Love Revealed

I saw them hang Love on a tree.
I saw them brutalize and hurt Him badly.
I saw them slap, curse, and spit in His face.
But, Love remained Love and never did He retaliate.

Love stood as a lamb. He stood gentle, humble, and calm.
Love stayed silent, Love stayed still, even when His blood was about to be spilled.

Love did not think evil when He was wrongfully chastised.
Instead, Love expressed more love and humiliated Pride.

Why did Love do all of this for such a wretched people?
And why did He suffer such trouble?
why did Love send Love to die on a tree?
The answer is simple. Love had a deep affectionate Love for you and me.

Now before I break off, and before I end, let me reveal the name of Love, my friend.
His name is Jesus; God’s Revelation of Love to men.

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