Customer Care

One day last week at work after I parked my car, I went into the newsagent shop just along the road from my office to get a bottle of water. When I entered the shop the woman behind the counter was talking to another one of the staff who was obviously checking stock and between them they seemed to be working out what they needed to stock up on.

I got a bottle of water from the fridge and went to the counter to pay for it. When I went to the counter the two folk from the shop continued their discussions about their stock requirements, stopping briefly just long enough to inform me I owed £1.05 for my bottle of water, and then started talking to her colleague again while I got the correct change from my purse.

I handed over the exact money for my water which was promptly taken from me and put in the cash register while continuing her conversation with her colleague! I put my purse back in my handbag said “Thank you” and left the shop having got no reply.

I felt as though I had been an inconvenience to the woman behind the counter. They were trying to determine what they needed to order and I had the nerve to go into their shop and want to buy something! This was definitely not the level of customer care I expect from any shop, especially not one wish is presents itself as a friendly local newsagent.

Since that day, I have made a point of buying my bottles of water etc from a different newsagent – it’s like night and day at my new newsagent compared with the one I previously frequented.

Just a wee reminder to all the folk out there who have to deal with customers:

  • remember that without your customers you’ll have no business!
  • a smile is priceless
  • saying please and thank you costs nothing but means a lot

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