Given the day we’ve just had (and continue to have) here in the West of Scotland, I just had to blog about today’s chaos…all because of a wee bit of snow!!!

When a say a wee bit of snow, I actual mean several inches of snow in the space of a few hours! From not long before 9am until about 3pm it snowed very very heavily here in Glasgow/South Lanarkshire/North Lanarkshire.

As I’d a sore throat and couldn’t stop coughing this morning I had agreed with my boss that I could work from home today…some might think I knew what lay ahead weather-wise today, but I must admit to having no foresight into how the day would pan out.

So the chaos cause by the adverse weather has resulted in countless trains to/from Glasgow being cancelled or severely delayed, and many buses also cancelled in Glasgow and Lanarkshire. Not only that but all the roads throughout the Central region have been gridlocked for most of the day…and many continue to be even now – This includes some of the major motorways in the area. e.g. M8, M77, M74, M73.

Many people decided to try and beat the weather by leaving work late morning/early afternoon, but that didn’t work as they just got caught up in all the chaos and gridlock on the roads. I’ve heard stories from a number of people of journey times you won’t believe:

Wow! All these journeys would normally take a maximum of about an hour, some just 5-10 minutes! I’m so glad I worked from hoe today.

Today working from home I was conscious of the lack of movement traffic-wise on the main road outside our house, however I was astounded by the number of people walking – Usually we don’t see very many people walking along the main road, so I can only guess all these folk were trying to walk home having either abandoned their cars or been left stranded when all the public transport was shutdown. I hope they all made it home safely.

As for hubby, he made it to work this morning, however he’s still there…as are a number of other folk in his office. The area surrounding his office (in Motherwell) is still gridlocked and road conditions still hazardous, so they have decided to stay put until things improve…or indeed stay the night in the office!

I so miss hubby and wish he was home with me, but at least I know he’s safe and warm and with others, so I don’t need to worry about him getting stuck somewhere in the car.

To everyone still trying to make their way home or to a place of warmth and safety, please take care – I hope you all get to your destination safely…and soon.

Take care out there.

Finally, to end on a cheery note, I witnessed something which moved me greatly today – it reminded me again that when things are tough, others will look out for us…

One of my elderly neighbours (I think she’s well into her 80’s) goes by bus into Glasgow early many morning each week. Today about lunchtime, the snow having been falling heavily for 3-4 hours, I saw from my kitchen window, a guy helping my neighbour through the snow and back to her house, and was carrying her back for her too! I was so touched. I didn’t recognise the chap and given that he just saw my neighbour to her door without going in, I’m guessing she didn’t know him either! What a great thing to do, going out of your way to make sure an elderly woman got home safely.

I thank God for all those who have stopped to help someone else today when they’ve been in need of some help or assistance.


  1. I too have been heartened by all the acts of kindness I’ve witnessed while people have been struggling to manage during the extended period of snow.

    Having broken my ankle last winter and STILL recovering and still without full mobility, I have been cautious about venturing out. People have been amazing!

    I have heard many stories of kindnesses from complete strangers, there are some wonderful people out there.


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