The Chaos Continues

So after yesterday’s travel chaos because of the adverse weather conditions, I awoke wondering whether I should look outside to see what the weather had been up to while I slept. What I found was slightly promising…at least it didn’t look as though we’d had anymore snow overnight, although it looked as though we’d had a very heavy frost.

So what did today bring? Well first things first, hubby – he was stranded at work last night along with a number of others. Mind you I was happier he was at least indoors safe and warm than stuck outside in the cold somewhere all night like many people were.

So I started my day logging onto the web to find out what the latest travel situation was, only to find the roads were still horrendous, with many of the motorways and major/main roads still gridlocked. No buses running in my area and limited trains and all subject to cancellation due to problems in various parts of the route, and as for my car…well it was under a heap of snow so there was no way I was going to be able to move it. Oh well, it was an easy decision for me not to attempt to try and get into work again today.

Give the travel situation I was wondering if/when my hubby was going to be able to get home as the roads and motorway between him and home were all still gridlocked. I wanted my hubby home 😦

Every wee while I kept checking the First Bus (Glasgow) and ScotRail websites to try and find out if they had any services running yet. Then at one point I noticed a bus going past our window…I did a double take on that as I wasn’t expecting to see any buses yet! After checking the websites again it seemed there was now a limited bus and train service running although all were subject to delays or cancellation.

Hubby finally decided to walk down to Motherwell train station and hope that he could get a train home. After about 45-60 minutes waiting at the station a train turned up (unscheduled), took on passengers and then headed towards Glasgow with hubby and one of our colleagues safely on board…yay!

Finally just before midday hubby finally arrived home…about 27-28 hours after leaving the house yesterday. I was so pleased to see him home safe and sound. When he left the office there were still a number of folk there who had been there all night…I just hope and pray they all finally made it home safely.

This last week has been a horrendous week as far as the weather is concerned. It’s also been a week of firsts:

  • Last Tuesday was the first time ever that my hubby and me hadn’t made it to work because of the weather
  • Yesterday was the first time ever one of us has been stranded at work, again because of the weather

Let’s hope this weather eases a bit so travelling become a bit easier for us all again.

For anyone still stranded out there in this freezing weather, I hope and pray you manage to get home or at least to a warm and safe place very soon.

Take care out there.






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