Yesterday I read the following story and was deeply moved by it and have spent much of the time since then thinking about it:

I bumped into a little elderly lady the other day (approx 60 years old). I know her fairly well from a church that we both “once” attended. This little lady has always been totally on fire for the Lord and does really great work going out and ministering to the poor areas. She is involved in running medical clinics and uses this to reach out to the poor and hurting. She has always been a real shining example of the true love of Jesus to all around her.

The lady started to relate to me how she was recently at a night meeting in one of the poor area’s. She had been attending these meetings, aimed at improving conditions in these slums, for the past 26 years. This particular meeting started to get out of hand and soon the fighting began. She left the meeting.

On going to her car outside she was cornered by two black men and her horror ordeal started where she was gang raped.

Instead of being met with the love of Jesus shining through her brothers and sisters in Christ, whom she had so lovingly helped and loved for many years, she was rather met with accusations of  “having been looking for it” and even deserving the rape because she was in bad area’s. The pastor prayed once for her and she was expected to have been healed from this horror.

What a very sad story isn’t it. I can’t imaging the hurt and pain that woman felt because of what she went through that night, but I can (to a certain extent) understand the pain and misery she felt when she was rejected by her church and her “friends”.

I know this woman obviously went through an awful situation, but to many Christians and church members, they can sadly find themselves being rejected by their church and their friends because of much less severe events that they have suffered.  Sadly, I’ve known of too many instances when someone has been feeling so low that they don’t feel God loves them, and instead of feeling love and security from their Christian friends they simply feel the cold harsh reality that is often the reality of some churches of today.

I find this so sad and so disturbing, as when a Christian is hurting due to some sort of tragedy that they have encountered in their lives, isn’t that the time when they are most in need of their Christian brothers and sisters – in need of them to show them the love of Jesus.

The story doesn’t finish there though:

The little lady shared how she rejected the church and became bitter and filled with hate. This lasted for months until one little young girl who was filled with the real love of Jesus, noticed the change in the little old lady who had led her to the Lord. The little girl alerted another sister in Christ, from another denomination, who was filled with love of Jesus and this lady came and ministered and loved continually until the hurts of the ordeal were healed by Christ.

Unfortunately the hurts of the rape were healed eventually, but the hurts caused by the unloving and uncaring “Christian” brothers are not healed.

Real Christians are unfortunately a scarce commodity in today’s times. Some Christians can be too involved in themselves to be worried about others, and the love that is supposed to radiate from them to others is lost, and instead attending church has become more about social status than spreading the love of Jesus.

Please join me in praying that we may each do all we can to bring back the love of Jesus into our lives.

Spend time loving those who are hurting. Help them and lift them up to Jesus. Ask yourself what would Jesus do in this situation. Would He turn His back on them or would He hold out His arms and lovingly embrace them?

Love those who are hurting and nurse them back into spiritual health. Bring back the love into our lives and into our churches.

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