The Power of Words

Yesterday in Tears, I spoke about some of the situation and events that made me shed a few tears in the last few weeks. Today I want to continue thinking about the things that upset us, and make us cry.

There are two things which I reckon are the most common reasons why we cry – One I touched on yesterday, death of a friend or family member, and secondly hurtful words spoken to us or received in a letter/email/text.

Unfortunately, death is one of the inevitable things about life, because it comes to us all eventually. That however doesn’t make it any less painful for us when a loved one or a friends dies, particularly when it happens unexpectedly.

Hurtful words however are something which we can do something about, we can be careful and considerate in everything we say or write so that we do not hurt someone’s feelings or cause offence.

Yes, I’ve been talking about hurtful words and how they can upset us, however on the opposite end of the scale, words can often be the thing that provides comfort and reassurance to us when we are upset. i.e. Words are one of our main means of communication with one another, either verbally or in written format, and that’s why words can mean the world to someone or mean hurt, pain and resentment to others.

Be careful what you say, be careful what you write, as you could change someone’s life for the worse by saying a wrong word. Try to say things that will mean the world to someone, your words could make a massive positive difference in their life.

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