The Power of God’s Word

In the last couple of days I’ve looked at things that cause us to shed a tear (in Tears) and at how words can cause great hurt and upset but can also be a source of great comfort (in The Power of Words. So words are an important means of communication to us, they can comfort, encourage, teach, direct, advise. We must use them wisely.

The Bible is God‘s means of communicating with us through the medium of the written word, and as such should be a source of great inspiration, direction anc comfort for every Christian.

I read the following recently:

There are things to see in the Word of God that our eyes can only see through the lens of tears – John Piper

When I first read this statement it confused me, and so I spent some time thinking about what it actually meant – I may not have understood this sentence in the manner intended by the writer, however he’s what I took out of this statement:

Much of what we read in the bible can be interpreted and understood at any time, whenever it is read, however there are some parts of the bible that we can only truly understand when we have actually experienced specific situations/events. i.e. We have to have been there, got the t-shirt. In other words we must have felt those same emotions and shed some tears, to truly understand God’s message.

Let your emotions allow you to feel and understand God’s message to you today. Take a fresh look at the Bible and experience it through your own life experiences.

You Write The Words by FFH

I don’t know what to say
That hasn’t already been said
I don’t know what to write
That hasn’t already been read
I don’t know what to play
That You haven’t already heard
So here’s my song, You write the words
Here’s my heart, You write the words

Amazing Grace has already been written
Jesus saves has been done before
And the Hallelujah Chorus
Has been sung a million times or more
So who am I to make any difference
Tell me why I pour out my heart
And struggle for the words
That I know might not go very far


There are days when I sing for the masses
When my songs get repeated back to me by thousands
And there are days when I know
That the only one who hears me is You
So what do I do – when


here’s my life you write the words

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