In a Christian environment, Lent normally starts on Ash Wednesday and continues through to the Holy Sunday of Easter. The dates of Lent can vary each year, just as the actual dates of Easter can vary.
Traditionally during Lent, people give-up something as a sort of sacrifice for Jesus. i.e. A way to prepare the person/believer for Easter, which of course is the time when Christians remember the crucifixion of Jesus and then celebrate His subsequent resurrection.
During lent, as well as “giving-up” something, it’s also a time of prayer, almsgiving and repentance, and giving to those who are in need.
Just because it’s a time of giving something up and helping those in need, it doesn’t mean that Lent should be a time of suffering and unhappiness for us. Instead we should, through prayer and repentance, show our thanks to God for all He has provided for us – After all Jesus gave the ultimate price for us, He died on the cross, just so we might live the kind of life that we do.
Maybe our Christian life has become stagnant and a chore. If so I’d encourage you to take the opportunity this Lent to rededicate your life to God – Make this Lent a new start in your Christian journey.
I hope you enjoy the following video of Sydney Staff Songsters singing The End of the Beginning:
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