Our Mission

Yesterday in my blog post I spoke about Mission Statements and the reasons why organisations have them. Today I want to look specifically at a particular mission statement…the mission statement of the Salvation Army.

Here’s what the Salvation Army’s UK website says in answer to the question, “Why does The Salvation Army do what it does?“:

Mission Statement

Called to be disciples of Jesus Christ, The Salvation Army United Kingdom Territory with the Republic of Ireland exists to save souls, grow saints, and serve suffering humanity.

Vision Statement

As disciples of Jesus Christ, we will be a Spirit-filled, radical growing movement with a burning desire to lead people into a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ, actively serve the community, and fight for social justice.

As you can see from the above the Salvation Army here in the UK has both a Mission Statement and a Vision Statement. But what’s the reason for the two?

Well the Mission Statement is, as I stated in yesterday’s blog post about Mission Statements, intended for those who are not part of/members of the Salvation Army, while the Vision Statement is the “vision” of each member of the Salvation Army…or at least it should be!

Are you a member of the Salvation Army? If so, be truthful with yourself and with God…do you live up to the promises in the Army’s Vision Statement?

Whether you are a member of the Salvation Army or not, many of the promises described in the Vision Statement are ones which I believe every Christian should strive to achieve. Therefore ask God today to help you become a true disciple filled with His spirit, and burning with the desire to lead people to Jesus by actively serving your community and fighting for social justice. God can and will help you achieve this!

OUr mission can be summed up in this song The Mission by Sydney Staff Songsters of The Salvation Army:

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