Scotland’s National Anthem

What do you think of your national anthem? Does it make you feel proud to belong to that nation when you hear it?

Earlier this week on the radio, I heard part of a discussion surrounding our (Scotland‘s) national anthem. Firstly they asked what the listeners currently considered to be our national anthem and secondly, what they thought it should be.

I believe this whole discussion came about because Alex Salmond, our First Minister, stating that we should change our national anthem to Scotland Will Flourish.

From the part of the radio discussion I heard, there were 4 main candidates for our nation anthem. Here is a version of each of them, in no particular order:

There were many opinions voiced in the radio programme I heard, some better than others at trying to promote their particular choice. Personally I like the passion stirred by Flower of Scotland, so I’d probably vote for that. How about you?

Please use my poll below to indicate what you think our Scottish national anthem should be – I’ve listed the main candidates from the radio programme but please feel free to had your own suggestions:

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