Give It Away

I spoke yesterday (in Forgiveness) how it’s important to forgive those who hurt you and how I hope others are just as willing to forgive me when I do wrong. Well since posting yesterday’s blog post I read the following in someone’s Twitter feed:

Take ur hurt and rejection to Jesus. Forgive those who hurt and reject you.

It reinforces my sentiment that it is important to forgive those who hurt you. Equally important is the other thing stated in this quote, that it is just as important, if not more so, to take all our hurts and disappointments to Jesus.

Why is that important?

How can we ever hope to more on in our lives if we hold onto past hurts and disappointments, because they will eat away at us and never allow you to truly forgive and forget others past indiscretions.

Take all your hurt, all your fears, all your disappointments to Jesus and leave them with Him, as He will take away your pain.

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