Other Religions and Churches

Personally I would never consider slagging off or insulting others people’s religions or churches…even if they have the same religious views and myself and are members of the same church/organisation as I am. Sadly I have found out to my own detriment recently, that not everyone holds that view!

I don’t mind others talking about my religion/church if they are being constructive, however some just seem to want to insult my church and even question my own ability to think, and that just appalls and upsets me, especially when it comes from people to say they are christians!

Religion is a funny thing, it’s always guaranteed to stir very strong emotions in everyone whenever a discussion arises. I don’t expect my religion/church never to be discussed or it’s principles/beliefs never to be disagreed with, however I draw the line when people aren’t willing to have a constructive discussion, but insult my church, talk about me, my family, my friends when you don’t even know us, and even question my own ability to think for myself, well that really appalls and upsets me. It’s simply not acceptable.

I know my feelings and thoughts about my religion and church are not necessarily everyone’s, nor would I expect them to be, but please, if you don’t agree with me, please at least respect my views and my opinions.

What’s good for one isn’t necessarily good for another, after all God made us each individually with our own mind so we could think for ourselves. God never expected us all to always agree, but he didn’t expect or want us to insult one another.

In conclusion I just want to ask you one question, do all your thoughts, all your words and all your actions, truly reflect your religion and your God? If not, it’s time to reflect, ask forgiveness and change for the better.


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