Why Home

Why is it important to us to have a place we can call home?

Here’s a few reasons I need a place called home:

  • A place to relax with hubby
  • I can openly show my emotions and feeling without feeling I’m being judged
  • A place of safety
  • It’s warm (sometimes too warm!)
  • It’s a place where I can spent “quiet time” with God
  • It’s a place I can simply be me

Yes, we all need a roof over our heads to shelter from the weather and be safe, however as my list shows, my home provides me with so much more than simply shelter. If all my home provided was shelter, I don’t think it could truly be considered “home“.

I know when I’m over at Mum and Dad’s it still feels like home because Mum and Dad are there, and they make me feel safe. That shows me that although the house provides shelter and heat, what makes a house is the people in it.

Is your home more than just a place of shelter and warmth? I pray your house may also be your home.

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