Outnumbered has been one of my favourite sitcoms on TV for the last few years. I’m sad to say that the latest series (series 4) has just finished airing on BBC1 last week.

Outnumbered is centered around the Brockman family whose two parents are “outnumbered” by their three, unruly, children. Hugh Dennis and Claire Skinner star as Mum and Dad while the three children are played by Tyger Drew-Honey, Daniel Roche and Ramona Marquez.

The programme realistically portrays the family life and has been awarded a number of comedy awards in recognition particularly for the semi-improvisational scripting of the show.

So what makes this show stand-out from other sitcoms?

It’s semi-improvisational scripting means the one-liners and comments, particularly from the three children, are absolutely classic – there’s no way the script would have been so realistic if it had all been scripted.

The Main Characters

Pete, Dad, is a history teacher at an inner city school.

Sue, Mum, is a part-time PA.

Jake, the oldest aged 15, if full of teenage sarcasm and is obsessed by girls, and this worries his parents, particularly his mum.

Ben is the middle child and is aged eleven. He’s a pathological liar, is always asking hypothetical questions, and does some very strange and unusual things.

Karen is the youngest and is aged nine. She too asks a lot of questions and love to imitate programmes she sees on TV such as The Apprentice and X-Factor.

My Favourite Character

It has to be Karen…her comments are priceless!

Here’s some of my favourites:

I know a way we could save money…by not buying broccoli.

and here’s some bread and cheese so if you go to heaven you won’t be hungry. and if you go to hell at least you will have cheese on toast

Karen: I spy something beginning with T.

….Game goes on forever. Mum gives in.

Karen: Time.
Mum: But you can’t see time.
Karen: Of course you can, because if you couldn’t then why would people say, have you seen the time?

Why do we have nightmares? Surely our brains are on our side

eye spy with my little eyes something beginning with M….Muslim

My Favourite Episode

Well I hinted at my favourite episode in the last Karen quote above…yes my favourite episode is Series 2 Episode 4…the airport episode!

Pete and Sue find themselves in every parent’s ultimate nightmare, trapped in a foreign airport with three bored children (and an increasingly bewildered Grandad). Six-year-old Karen grills her Dad about al-Qaeda and gets fixated about Muslims…and one poor innocent Muslim in particular. The security staff grill Ben about some worrying objects in his bag. There’s endless games of I-Spy,and they lose grandad and someone lets Ben drink a double expresso!

A complete recipe for a completely excellent and unforgettable episode.

My Recommendation

If you haven’t seen Outnumbered yet, I’d urge you to try and see it as it is absolutely fantastic and so true to real life. The kids are most definitely the stars of the show.

Well done BBC, Outnumbered is one of the best shows recorded by the BBC in a long time.

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