When you hear the word harmony, what do you think of? Music, agreements, relationships…something else?

As far as I’m concerned all those potential harmonious things I just mentioned are important to me. Here’s why:

As I’ve mentioned before in my blog, music has always been a huge part of my life, particularly my Christian life, therefore unsurprisingly it’s harmonious/tuneful music I like to listen to and play.

When it comes to agreements, isn’t always better when we disagree with someone’s opinion to discuss our thoughts openly and logically so that we can come to some agreement which is satisfactory to both, whether that be an agreement to disagree or we persuade the other person that our point of view is correct or vice versa.

Finally, and probably most importantly, there’s relationships. We all hate when our relationship with someone takes a turn for the worse, but are happy and content when our relationships with other are going well. As a Christian, I’m reminded that the most important relationship in my life must always be relationship with God, as when that relationship is solid, my life is truly in God’s hands.

Are you living in harmony with God? The deepest and most harmonious relationship in your life must always be with God. If your relationship with God is not as it should be, I urge you to pray that God will guide you in the steps you need to take in your life to find that deep harmonious relationship with Him today.

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